How To Choose The Right Party Venue

How to Choose the Right Party Venue
Without a doubt, choosing the right venue is one of the most important aspects of party planning.  That said, the process of picking a venue may seem like a daunting task to many.  However, with some guidance, choosing the best location to host your party can be made that much easier.  Interested? Great! Read on to learn all about what you should look for in a party venue space.

Determine How the Space Will Be Used
As the space requirements for a dance party are quite different from the space requirements for a tea party, it is important to determine how you will use the space before you actually book a particular venue.  Do also remember that a buffet style dinner requires less space than a more traditional sit-down type dinner arrangement.  Additionally, if you are providing entertainment to your guests via a band, DJ, or other act, do keep in mind that entertainment acts do require specific space requirements as well.

Determine the Capacity of the Venue
Since some individuals may misjudge the actual size of a venue, it is imperative to ask the venue owner the actual physical capacity of a set venue.  In addition, since some people do inevitably RSVP at the last minute, it may be a good idea to make sure that these last minute guests can be accommodated.

Make Sure the Venue Fits Your Budget
It is imperative that you do stay within a certain budget when choosing a venue.  While it may be nice to splurge on your party venue, this type of decision-making does not really make much business sense.  After all, you still do need to pay for catering, entertainment, decorations, supplies, and more.  Consequently, do choose a suitable location for hosting your party, but do also ensure that the venue you choose is within your means.

What Does the Rental Fee Include?
Since no two venues are exactly the same, it is important to ask what goods and/or services are included with the cost of the rental.  For example, some venue owners may include tables and chairs in the cost of the venue rental, while other venue owners may charge extra for the use of this furniture.  Overall then, when it comes to renting a venue, it is unwise to make assumptions about any “extras” that may – or may not – be included in the venue rental price.

Choose the Right Location 
Choosing the right location is extremely important as the atmosphere at a particular event venue can simply make or break a party.  After all, the venue you choose will almost single-handedly set the tone for your party.  Thus, you should definitely keep your party’s theme in mind when you choose a venue for this party.  Moreover, you should also make certain that any out-of-town guests will have ready access to the proper accommodations and that the venue, itself, is in a desirable location.

Well, there you go!  If you follow this helpful advice, you should be well on your way to choosing the right venue for your party.  Enjoy the process – each and every step of the way!

Article was written by Larisa Redins.

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