How To Choose The Right Photographer For Your Hampshire Wedding

Getting the right Hampshire wedding photographer for your wedding is a very important decision. As you start to think about who should document the most important day of your life, read through this simple checklist for some guidance.

How To Choose The Right Photographer For Your Hampshire Wedding

Thinking About Style

Thinking about what style of photography you want is quite important. You might want photos with a vintage or rustic appeal or pictures that are stark and bold. You could want candid natural pictures or posed portraits, so try to find a photographer whose portfolio reflects this.


Whilst you’re researching, look out for reviews and not just the testimonials on the photographer’s own website. If you know plenty of other people in Hampshire who have been married, ask around or use local forums to get a sense of who stands out from the crowd. A wonderful website is nothing compared to real honest reviews and recommendations.

Go Local

Going local isn’t just about saving money. Obviously, a top London photographer may charge you more if he or she has to travel to Hampshire. But it’s more that they understand Hampshire; they know the backdrop. A local photographer will no doubt have already been to your chosen venue. They already know locations in Hampshire such as the coast and the New Forest. They’ll know how to capture them at their best.


A friendly and approachable photographer is a vitally important option. A stand-offish or pretentious photographer may produce stunning photos, but how will you communicate what you really want? A photographer who loves his or her work and wants to hear what you have to say will capture this important day better. Whether you opt for Hampshire wedding photographer Newforeststudio or one of the county’s other great professionals, make sure you’ve built up a good rapport.

View a Whole Album

Never book a photographer without asking to look at a full wedding album. Portfolio pictures are a great guide to style, but you’ll need to see a whole album to get a better idea of the quality.

You’ll find plenty more tips and advice about finding a wedding photographer here:

Choosing a photographer is an important aspect of wedding planning – these pictures will be cherished for the rest of your life.

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