How To Clean Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Parts

Keeping a vacuum cleaner clean is essential as it will make sure that it will continue to work efficiently. To keep it working, it will need to have build up and clogs removed on a regular basis.

Some parts need to be cleaned at least once per month, such as the most commonly used brushes, while others only need looked after once or twice per year, like the filter or belt.

Rinse Filters At Least Once Per Year

The filter is one of the easiest to care for of all of the Rainbow vacuum cleaner parts because it only needs to be changed or cleaned once or twice per year, depending on how much it is used.

Those who use their sweeper heavily to clean up pet fur and debris will find that they need to clean their filter out more frequently, while those who barely use theirs may only need to change it every other year.

Disposable filters are simple to clean as they are replaced instead of washed. Reusable filters, by comparison, need only to be rinsed with water and left to dry anytime they become dirty.

Clean Out Hoses And Brushes

Hoses and brushes are high on the to-do list when it comes to keeping things clean. The main reason for this is that they frequently become clogged from all of the debris, fur, or other objects during vacuuming.

The best way to keep the brushes and other attachments clean is to give them a quick cleaning after every use. The cleaning can be as simple as pulling any hair loose from bristles, or wiping off dust or sticky residue with a cloth.

The hose does not need to be cleaned as often, but after cleaning up a large mess, such as broken glass or mud, it is a good idea to give it a quick cleaning to make sure that there is nothing left behind that can damage it.

Build up can occur anywhere along the length of the hose, which is why they need a little more care when cleaning. The quickest way to clean a hose is to remove it from the sweeper and gently shake it over a trash can or over a newspaper.

If there are large pieces of debris, they may need to be removed by hand, or by using a pipe cleaner or other thin tool to remove the clog. When doing this, care should always be taken to avoid damaging the hose.

If the hose looks damaged at all, Rainbow vacuum cleaner replacement parts should be ordered. The reason for this is that a hole in the hose will lead to a loss of suction.

Give The Basin A Good Scrub

The water basin should be rinsed after every use and allowed to dry between uses. This is normally enough to keep it reasonably clean, even if it is used all of the time.

The water basin may need a more thorough cleaning depending on the quality of the water at home. Homes that have hard water may find that their basin has a thin layer of grit on it. A simple vinegar rinse can help to loosen the build up, and a soft scrubbing with a cloth can help to remove the rest.

When cleaning the basin, it is important to check it for cracks or signs of damage. If damage is visible, then new Rainbow vacuum cleaner parts should be ordered as soon as possible.

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