How To Clear Your Property When You Move

If you are moving home there will be a lot to think about and plan for your move. One of the main things to consider, and perhaps the most important consideration, is how to present your home at its best in order to sell it and gain a good price.

When it comes to selling houses, the typical situation is that the property has become cluttered over the years and is full of personal belongings, furniture, equipment and clothes. A good place to start, therefore, is with de-cluttering your home to make it look more presentable and give an appealing first impression to interested buyers.

1.    Decide what you can clear or store
The first step is to look at each room one by one and decide what items you can clear completely or store temporarily until you have moved home. Take a hard look at surplus furniture as removing furniture can really create space in a cluttered home. Books, CDs, DVDs and ornaments can also add clutter to a room, so you can take the opportunity to clear any unwanted items or store them.

2.    Clear walls and floors
Prints and paintings on walls can also add clutter to a home, so clear walls of any surplus prints, paintings or photographs. Floors can also affect a room’s appearance so make sure that your floor and carpets are clean. If you have more than one rug in a room, remove them as they add to a cluttered appearance.

3.    Clear the kitchen and bathroom
The kitchen and bathroom are the functional spaces in a property, so make sure that they are pristine clean and also as de-cluttered as possible. Kitchens should have clear work surfaces, shining floors and clean appliances and cooker. Clear any surplus kitchen equipment out of the way and also clear your cupboards to show the space that is available in them. The more storage space you have in the kitchen, the better.

For the bathroom, clear personal items away and use bathroom storage to keep bathroom items tidy and neat. Also check for any mould and lime scale around the shower and bath and treat accordingly if necessary. Tiles, floors, the bath, shower and screen and sinks should be shining and clean. If you have an additional en-suite bathroom, make sure you give the maximum effect of space as possible and clear away all clutter, keeping only essential items.

4.    Clear bedrooms
Bedrooms should be tidy and neat, and wardrobes cleared out as much as possible. Tidy away shoes, clothes and personal effects and create a relaxed and tidy room for buyers to view. Make sure that your bedding is clean and neat.

5.    Redecorate and redesign
After you have cleared out your property, you can see if there needs to be any additional work to be carried out to help sell it. Where decor looks tired and dirty, a quick repaint will help to freshen up your home. With more space and less clutter, you may also be able to redesign the layout of your furniture and rooms so that it looks more appealing.

Also make sure you clean down all woodwork in your home such as doors and doorframes and clean carpets so that they look newer and fresher.

6.    Add finishing touches
You can stage your home to prospective buyers by adding small touches to welcome your viewers. Add vases of flowers around the home. You could also set your dining table with your best dining set to make your dining areas more alluring and dress your bed with additional cushions and bedding accessories. In the evening, make sure there is plenty of light to create a bright and cheery ambience. Buyers will be able to visualise themselves living in your home if they find it appealing and homely.

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