How To Continue Honing Your Email Marketing Efforts Throughout 2013

The best email marketing campaigns are the ones that are actively refined on a consistent basis. Although it’s easy to assume that a company just knows how to write a nearly perfect email, the truth is that they’ve simply learned over time and groomed their style accordingly. If you wish you could do the same for your business, there’s no reason you can’t accomplish that goal. All you need to do is know where to focus your attention, which is what we’re going to look at right now:

Give People a Good Reason to Sign Up: As with just about every aspect of online marketing, quality is definitely more important than quantity. However, that doesn’t mean that you want next to no one on your email list. If someone comes to your site, chances are they’re a good enough lead that they should be on your list. Even if they don’t have an interest in buying at that time, they can be an ideal candidate for email. Once they’re on your list and you’re able to start building a relationship with them, it can change their lead status from freezing cold to burning hot. But before you can do this, you need to get them on your list. The way to accomplish that goal is by giving them a reason to sign up that’s so compelling that they’d regret missing out. Depending on your specific business, this can be anything from an exclusive discount to an educational email series. The good news is since you can easily measure your sign-up rate, you can experiment with different options and see which one drives the best results.

Look at the Data: Using an email marketing platform means that you’ll be able to gather a significant amount of data about every email that you send. Metrics you’ll have access to will include delivery rate, growth rate, click-throughs and sharing. By paying attention to these metrics and how they change with every email that you send, you’ll be able to steer your email marketing efforts in the ideal direction. Knowing how people react to different types of email will allow you to accomplish everything from minimizing the number of people who unsubscribe from your list to consistently producing emails that recipients naturally want to share with others.

Don’t Settle for Average Subject Lines: It takes a significant amount of time and effort to sign leads up for your email list and then craft great content to send them. Because this process is an investment, you want to ensure that they actually read what you send. That’s why it’s so vital to put the same amount of effort into writing subject lines that you put into the rest of your email marketing efforts. What’s great about focusing on this aspect of the process is by improving your subject lines, you’ll get more from every email even if your list remains the exact same size.

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