How To Create A Simple Viral Video To Spread The Word About Your Website

Many people have done this. By creating only one viral video, they can make themselves popular. It’s true with many blogs and websites as well. If you can create a simple viral video, you can spread the word about your website quickly. In the end, you will get consistent traffic coming to your website.

But, the next question is: how can you create this viral video? Not all videos can become viral. So, here are some tips you can follow to create a simple viral video to spread the word about your website:

1.Make Your Video Inspiring
Most viral videos are inspiring. Yes, they are inspiring their viewers to share those videos with others. But, before you can make your video inspiring, you need to connect with your viewers in a certain way.

For example, most viral videos are funny videos that can make people laugh hardly. Many of them are also videos that can make people ponder about how beautiful their life is. So, how will you inspire your viewers? Do you want to inspire them by creating funny video, or do want to make them to ponder about life? It’s your choice.

2.Make Your Video Simple And Short
A 3-minute video will have more chance to go viral than a 60-minute video. Remember that people don’t have lots of time browsing on YouTube to watch your long video. People have many things to do. Certainly, viral videos are usually short because they can be watched in one sitting. Additionally, those videos are interesting to watch. So, people will be willing to spend some time with it.

Don’t make your video too complicated. Make it short and simple, giving only one big message to your viewers.

3.The First 20 Seconds Of Your Video Are Very Important
When people watch your video, they will judge your video quality in the first 20 seconds. If it doesn’t have interesting opening, then you might lose your viewers’ interest quickly. So, give more attention to the first 20 seconds of your video. You want people to give their attention to your video in the first few seconds.

Create an interesting opening. Use interesting video effect. Make people want to watch it till the last second.

4.Don’t Make It Look Like An Advertisement
People usually skip ads on TV, so why should you assume that they will see your video advertisement? So, don’t make your video look like an advertisement for your viewers. Be very subtle in introducing your website. Preferably, don’t mention about your website at all until the end of the video. Or, you can just use a watermark in your video with your website URL. Your only goal is to give a good presentation on your video.

5.Spread It Far And Wide
Don’t just submit your video to YouTube. Remember that if you want to make your video go viral, you need to spread it to as many video-sharing websites as possible. When you spread your video far and wide, you will be able to reach your audience effectively. So, don’t just rely on one or two video-sharing websites. There are hundreds of them.

Those are some tips you can follow to create a simple viral video that will help to bring a big amount of traffic to your website.

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