How To Create A T Shirt People Will Want To Wear

There is no point investing in promotional t shirts if the finished product is an out of date, crispy, uncomfortable shirt no one will ever want to wear.  Whether you are selling your shirts as part of a company or brand promotion, or giving them away as part of a marketing strategy, you promotional t shirts will only be effective if the people you sell or give them too want to wear them.  The profit margin on a custom shirt is rarely enough to make it a huge money maker.

Most people see t shirts as promotional items and any profit made is usually used to buy other promotional items or cover the operational costs of a touring band or other marketing campaign.  If done right, a t shirt can provide valuable marketing benefits that will turn your supporters into moving billboards for your band, organization, or company.  To be successful in creating a t shirt that people actually want to wear, you just need to follow these tips.

Quality Matters
First and foremost, you get what you pay for.  Do not be tempted by the cheapest bulk price shirts.  While these shirts will cost less in the beginning you will have a hard time selling them and they will have a better chance of ending up as someone’s cleaning cloth rather than their favorite shirt.  If you want people to wear you shirts, you need to pick t shirts that feel nice when you wear them.  Think about your favorite t shirt.  It probably reached favorite shirt status, not because of the image on it, but the fabric it is made out of, how it fits, and how it makes you feel when you wear it.  Cheap shirts are just that, cheap, that are scratchy and often ill fitting.  When you choose a t shirt printer, ask them about the different brands of bulk shirt companies they do business with and do your research before you choose a company.

Offer Different Sizes
Sizing is also important when you are ordering custom t shirts.  Many people are tempted to go with a one size fits all type order.  They mistakenly believe that it is better to just order large and extra-large shirts so they do not have to worry about having a shirt that is too small for someone.  This type of thinking is a sure way to guarantee your promotional t-shirt will become someone’s night shirt or a shirt used for painting their house.  If your promotional shirt is relegated to house hold wear it will never be seen by other potential fans or customers.  Order a full range of sizes to ensure that everyone can buy a shirt that fits them well.

Check Trends
Finally, when you begin to design your custom t-shirt, spend a little time researching before you decide on a final look for your overall design.  Clothing trends change rapidly and what you thought was cool when you bought band shirts or branded clothing may be drastically different now.  Also, keep your demographic in mind and make sure you choose images, fonts, and colors, that are both appropriate and will appeal to your target audience.

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