How To Create Your Own Vintage-style Bathroom

The idea of lying in a claw-foot bath filled with bubbles poured from antique perfume bottles, surrounded by finest quality towels and linens, is an incredibly relaxing image. By drawing on inspiration from turn-of-the-century style, you can create your very own vintage bathroom.

How To Create Your Own Vintage-style Bathroom

Choosing bathroom fittings such as a sink and bath in a classic style should be the starting point for anyone looking to create a vintage bathroom.

A pedestal sink can add vintage charm, with Ideal Home magazine pointing out that upcycling is a good way to make new pieces of bathroom furniture to fit your vintage look. Old metal lockers could work as storage for towels or toiletries, while old tables could hold your new bathroom sink instead of buying a modern unit.

How To Create Your Own Vintage-style Bathroom

The bath at the heart

In a vintage bathroom, an oversized bathtub is an essential component to put the heart into your space. Slipper baths from reclamation and salvage specialists such as offer an elegant Victorian style, with raised ends cosseting you as you relax.

Cast iron baths Ireland come in many styles, with claw feet and a rolled rim being the classic many people will recognize; however, French-style bateau baths offer an alternative that could leave you floating away into a dream if you choose one to feature at the heart of your vintage bathroom.

Styled to look like a bygone age

Tiles are an important way to bring a look of luxury to your bathroom, with many antique colors and finishes available from modern suppliers. This enables you to put together a combination that complements the paintwork and accessories you want to use in the rest of your bathroom.

Accessories such as apothecary bottles and decorations such as mirrors with gilt frames or distressed paint should be featured to take you back in time when you are relaxing in the bathroom. Small extras such as soaps in vintage tins and cotton towels embroidered with your initials could add the finishing touch you are looking for in your vintage bathroom.

Lighting fittings from the period you are aspiring to can be rewired so that they are safe to use in modern bathrooms.

Paint colours pull the choices of bathroom furniture and accessories together, with light aqua, pretty pink or fresh white capturing a vintage style.

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