How to cure joint issues with Ayurveda

Osteoarthritis is also known as a degenerative joint disorder. This is a disease where the protective cartridge and the soft tissues that are covering the bones in the lower part of the human body start breaking. As a result, the joints present there become stiff and they cause a lot of pain whenever there is any movement or activity.

One can take the help of Ayurvedic medicines for osteoarthritis so that they can treat the disease well. Ayurveda always deals with the doshas that control different functions in a human body.  These doshas are commonly known as kappa, vata, and pitta. If a person suffers from any disease then this is mainly because of the imbalance of these 3. This osteoporosis mainly happens when there is an imbalance in the vata dosha.

The medicines that are used to treat this disease contain some particular herbs. They are:

Guggul:  Used to strengthen the tissues.

Triphala: In order to clean the body of toxins.

Ashwagandha: To relax the body and mind and boost the nervous system.

Bala: In order to increase the blood circulation in the body and to reduce pain. It is also used to heal the nerves and also to stimulate the growth of tissues in the human body.

Shallaki: This has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties and they are very much able to repair tissues which are close to the bones of the body.

 There are different Ayurvedic medicines available in the market and this can give relief to the physical pain that happens because of osteoarthritis. But one should always take the help of Ayurvedic doctors as they can only prescribe the right medicine that is needed.

Apart from medicines, there are also some Ayurvedic therapies to treat the disease. One can go for the massage therapies and here are a few ideas:

Abhyanga: It is a kind of herbal oil massage which is done to stimulate and strengthen the tissues and to improve blood circulation in the body.

Sweda: It is a kind of medicated steam bath for detoxification and to reduce body pain.

Njavarakizhi: This is a kind of a rejuvenation massage and it also helps in strengthening the tissues.

 Apart from medicines and therapies, there is a healthy lifestyle that one has to maintain on a regular basis.

  • Daily walking for 30 to 340 minutes.
  • Do not try to exert yourself.
  • Include oil and ghee in a regular diet but in moderate quantities, because it helps in lubricating the joints and tissues.
  • Try to avoid packaged foods and always go for fresh foods and vegetables.
  • Fizzy and soft drinks are a strict ‘no’ here.
  • Do not try to have very oily and spicy food.

These are the basic things that one has to follow if they want to have a permanent cure for arthritis in Ayurveda. Also one can try doing yoga because it can keep the body and the joints flexible. But one needs to take help of an expert before doing that.

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