How To Cut Calories For Weight Reduction

Hundreds and millions of ways are now being discovered and introduced on how to lose weight effectively but the questions are: just how healthy and effective are these methods?  Some completely cut out fats and carbohydrates while suggesting gym activities. Others just suppress your appetite and after weeks of staying away from so-called “sinful foods” you may go back to your old eating habits again.

Here are simple ways on how to successfully reduce weight and gain back your self-confidence once again.

Eat three times a day

Don’t skip meals because you may tend to eat more the next meal and you may experience hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is the event where the body’s glucose or sugar level falls below normal. When you experience hypoglycemia, two things might happen: first your body might trigger the “hunger switch”, this would give you the feeling of hunger and starvation, and thus you would have the tendency to overeat. Second, hypoglycemia would leave you weak and unable to carry on with your daily activities, this is quite hefty and inconvenient.

Eating three times a day will not deprive you and leave you feeling hungry. Just be sure to measure your carbohydrate and fat intake, which will mostly will not be easily digested and may instead be stored as “fat” and slow your metabolism.

Take a walk

Use the stairs instead of taking the elevator or walk with your dog for an hour in the morning instead of letting someone else do it for you.  Sweating may help eliminate unwanted fats in your body.  Aside from that activity hastens up the need for energy, once the body recognizes there is a need for energy, it looks for immediate energy sources. That is in the form of glucose or sugar, the circulating glucose or sugar you ate from breakfast or lunch, would then be turned into a source of energy. Once it is a source of energy, you need not to worry that this glucose would be turned into fat. The conversion of glucose to immediate energy source is an effective way to prevent fat formation and therefore helps you lose weight.

So when planning for a weekend activity, try to pick a sporty one that is both enjoyable and dynamic. Just make sure the activity would be suitable for your physical capacities, try to choose activities that promote gradual physical exertion, don’t go hardcore immediately. Going hardcore immediately would just lead to exhaustion and this could lead you less motivated for a sporty weekend getaway. Physical activities need not to be exhausting, just remember to choose one that suits you well, if you are having difficulties on this, fitness experts are always available to help you.

Take a plunge of green tea

Drinking 2-3 cups of green tea a day detoxifies and replenishes your body and rinses out unwanted fats and toxins. According to research, green tea may help to eliminate cancer cells, cure rheumatoid arthritis, lower high cholesterol levels, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and infection, and boost the immune system.

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