How To Decide What Stocks You Should Purchase

Investing in the stock market is a popular way to make money quickly and easily, but it also comes with many inherent risks. When you invest your money into the stock market, you are allowing it to be used by corporations to make their products better through more research, design, and promotion, or you are investing in particular industries, such as eco-friendly technologies, in order to help them use your money to grow.

But how your own money grows is dependent upon how well these corporations and industries use your investment. As long as they can use your money and the money of other investors wisely, you will see a greater return on your investment when they are able to share their profits with you. But if these industries and companies fail to move in a successful direction, your money, along with their own profits, will be lost.

Once you have evaluated the risks and benefits of investing in the stock market, you can decide if you feel comfortable and secure enough in putting your money into stocks to hopefully watch them grow and give you extra money you need now or later on, such as in your retirement years. But how do you know which stocks to buy and which to avoid? How do you determine which stocks have the greatest potential of being successful and making you the most money?

Below are some tips on how to decide upon which stocks you should purchase in order to invest your money wisely in the stock market.

Choose Companies You Trust
Research companies that you trust and want to invest your money in. These companies should be successful, earning profits, and making decisions over time that have caused their stock to steadily grow. If you understand the companies you are investing in, you believe in them, and you trust their mission, you will be that much more comfortable investing in them, and you will know when it is best to buy and sell your shares of stock.

See How the Stock is Doing
If you are looking into investing in a particular company’s stock, review its history to see if its price is steadily increasing. You will want to analyse charts and graphs to make sure that the price has been rising steadily, not abruptly or too quickly. Look for stocks that have been increasing at about a 30-45 degree angle on its chart. Avoid those that have been rising too quickly, such as at a 60 degree angle, because these are more likely to just as quickly begin to fall, causing you to lose your money. Also avoid those stocks that have been either holding steady or falling over time, as these will result in you either losing money or not gaining much at all.

Buy Low, Sell High
Once you have invested in the stocks you trust, wait for the most opportune moment to sell, preferably when the stock is high. If you have a good understanding of the company’s trends, you will know when to anticipate a fall in stock price, and you can avoid losing money by selling beforehand.

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