How To Design A Great Living Room

The key to designing a great living room is rooted in the layout of the space. To maximize the usage of a living room, furniture and décor items must be selected as complements. Before undertaking the process of redesigning your living room, it is important to start with a blank canvas. Removing old furniture will help provide clarity and eliminate distractions.

Work from the ground up
Depending on the budget of your project, upgrading your flooring is a phenomenal way of reinvigorating your living room. If you are considering replacing old flooring, you must evaluate the usage of your living room – will it be a high traffic family room or a special occasion only space? Next, consider your options for flooring types – hardwood and engineered flooring options offer outstanding durability and stain resistance, although come as a premium option as compared with carpet. However, selecting carpet will bring more warmth to your living room without increasing your energy costs.

Bring the walls to life
Consider selecting bold colors to your walls that step outside the bland white and off-white tones that are uninteresting. Combine contrasting picture frames with new wall colors to create depth and intrigue in your living room that draws attention.

Furnish for comfort
Living rooms are the place in the home where family and friends gather for conversation and entertainment with the most time being shared in this space. For this reason, it is essential that the furniture that is selected provides comfort and durability for years. Depending on the size of your space, choosing a sectional couch, sofas, loveseats, or a combination will serve best. However, be sure to not select a seating arrangement that is overwhelming for the size of the space. This will be distracting and noticeable to visitors.

Light for visibility and warmth
When deciding on what lamps to use with the newly designed living room, select items that provide various heights to create depth to the space. Lamps that are only on one plane will not only be less interesting but will also improperly light the area. The combination of table lamps and flooring lamps that are distributed evenly around the space will provide ample lighting that is usable.

The best part about redesigning your living room is sharing your new space with your closest family and friends. The living room is a space where gatherings should be held and your new space has been designed with that specific intention.

Jennifer Martin is avid author of home improvement and home design articles to help home owners stay up-to-date with current trends.

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