How To Design The Best Banner Ads

Banner ads are vital in advertising a product or service. They sell the names of companies and service providers to very great heights and result in achievement of high profits. However, for marketing banner ads appropriately, you must know how to effectively design them. A lot of customers suffer from banner blindness, this is the situation where they pay little or no attention to flashing, blinking, or moving ads. This makes it very important for you to know how to design ads best that will sell your products or services better.

The following tips show you how to design the best banner ads.

1.  Make Your Banners Simple

Avoid adding too many details into your banner as this may cause distractions. Banners with a large number of elements and detailed text result in very few clicks. If possible, put in only the logo of your company or picture of your product and use very little text detail that is straight to the point.

2.  Choose the Correct Words

To design good ads, it is advisable to use just a few words with large fonts. Avoid using boring words or writing misleading sentences. Make sure that you always use action words that are relevant and consistent with your product.

3.  Do Research

It is important that you conduct some research on how other banner ads look like in order to size up to the current standards. Try and locate your biggest opponent in your field of business and compare your ads with theirs. See what you are missing or what is new and upgrade your own ads.

4.  Choose the Appropriate Colors with Context in Thought

As ads appear on different websites, it is important to keep in mind the color of these websites before you choose a color for banner ads that are going to appear on these websites. When using easy banner maker Software most people tend to forgetthat the color of the banner ad and the host website should play well together.

5.  Use Low File Size

It is always true that small sized files will always load faster than large sized files. Most people using easy banner maker tend to create and post files that are too large, hence making the loading of the banner too slow. It is important to consider your target market. Putting ads that will consume a lot of time in loading would not be advisable. Files of 20 KB to 80 KB are a good size for most average banners.

6.  Put Your Banner Ads in Places They Will Cause Most Effect

Try, as much as possible, to make sure you place your banner ads in eye catching websites. Big websites, such as Yahoo and Google that attract tons of visits, can make good destination places for your banner ads. Your banner ads are designed to catch the attention of specific people so put them in places where they will thrive maximally.

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