How To Display Merchandise To Fit The Feeling Of Your Store

There are many simple and cost efficient ways to change the overall appearance and feeling of your store. Most of this can be achieved by the interior organization and merchandise display systems that are being used. Here are some tricks to help your merchandise display fit the feeling of your marketing campaign and vision of your store.

Who are you selling to?
You need to realize who you are selling to before you can really start to think about what sort of merchandise display you need to purchase. A store that is targeting upper class parents in their forties to fifties are going to be attracted to something a lot different than a store that is selling to middle class teenage girls. This is something that should not be difficult to figure out, because your products and merchandise should tell you most of what you  need to know. With this in mind think about what you want the feeling of the store to be.

What is the feeling you are trying to achieve?
Once you have figured out who you are selling to you can do some research into what that market is attracted to when they are looking to purchase merchandise.
Different types of Display systems can help you achieve a rustic chic look or an ultra clean modernist look or anywhere in between. The color of clothing racks can add a tremendous amount of interest and contribute to the overall feel of the store. Chrome will give a relatively neutral feeling but edging toward a cleaner look. A single color such as black or white will give even more of a clean look. An un-painted clear coated steel rack with welding discoloration will push the feeling much more towards the rustic direction.

The material of the merchandise display can be very influential to the feeling of the store as well. Materials ranging from metals, displays made of wood or acrylic are very common and bring a lot to the ambiance of the store.

Here are some more examples of what I mean.
Using a gridwall display system could appeal to teenage and young adult customers who would be looking for clothing because it could have a feeling of a concert or band  merchandise setting. A typical gridwall is often chrome, but can be painted or powder coated to fit most any style or store.

Slatwall panels can be very versatile as far as styling and as far as what it can be used for. This can be painted to fit any style or color scheme or can be a natural wood grain texture. Pac Sun is a retail store that is mainly focused toward teenagers and young adults that are interested in extreme sports. Much of this can be seen by looking at the brands of the merchandise they offer. This can also be seen by looking at the brushed steel countertops, the unfinished looking clothing racks and so on.

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