How To Dress A Doll Fashionably

Owning a doll as an individual or as part of a collection is one thing, having them dress fashionably at all times quite another. One might immediately think that what a doll is wearing would not be a primary concern for a child, although it isn’t just children that play with or collect dolls. Many adult doll collectors are faced with the challenge of keeping their dolls looking relevant and fashionable.

We looked at a number of top tips to help both children and adults keep dolls looking fashionable at all times.

Keep Everything

If you have made a habit of throwing away all dolls clothes in the past, make sure you don’t do it anymore. Like adult fashion, dolls’ clothes changes in cycles, too, and what looks out of date now may well be the ‘in thing’ in the next two or three years. Vintage styles are currently all the rage, anyway.

Keep all of your old doll clothes, although try and avoid having a wardrobe like Ken in Toy Story 3!

Make Your Own

This is something for the real enthusiasts out there, but making your own dolls’ clothes can be an excellent way to get creative. As well as a brilliant way to enhance your doll-collecting hobby, if you find that you are a dab hand at it you could also make some extra money by creating and selling your own designs!

If you find yourself perpetually frustrated with the styles on offer in toy shops, this is the ideal way to dress your dolls in whatever manner you wish to do so.

Shop Around

We mentioned toy shops, but the reality is they are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to shopping for dolls clothes. The main reason for this is that these stores will generally only stock large brands, such as Barbie and Disney Princess, so if you have a unique collection, for example, you can struggle to find a store to match your needs.

There will be many specialist stores in several towns and cities, however the best option is always to look online, where you are more likely to find collectors’ stores and other enthusiasts looking to sell or swap dolls’ clothes.

Keep Up With Fashion

If you want to keep dolls fashionable then you need to keep up with what is happening in the real life fashion world. Yes, we said keep everything just in case, but doll fashion will reflect the real world and have similar items on offer.

Finally, stick to each dolls’ ‘period.’ If you collect dolls that are based on the Victorian-era, then dress them as such. Similarly, if you are a Barbie enthusiast, would you ever see her in a 19th Century frock?

Keeping your dolls fashionable can be simple and fun, with plenty of creative licence to keep you engaged and interacting with your collection for many years.

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