How to Dress Well: A Guide for Big & Tall Men

You may think it’s shallow, but dressing well and having a wardrobe that suits you is an advantage no matter what size you are. This is true even for big and tall men. Being a larger man usually causes others to think that the way they dress won’t matter seeing that they are “big” or “overweight anyway”, and that fashion is for fit and skinny supermodels. However, carefully choosing your clothes so that they flatter your body type and size is not only for the shallow. What you wear and look like will create a lasting first impression on anyone you meet, be it a potential partner or a business associate.

The fashion industry has changed a lot over the past ten years, and there’s excellent clothing for big and tall men available now than there ever was before. You just have to know how to shop for the right clothes for your body. That is why we put together a basic guide to help you.

Rule no. 1: Get the Right Fit

This is true for everyone, but it’s important if you are a heavyset man. It’s understandable to want to hide your stomach and curves by wearing clothes that are several sizes too big, but it’s not going to help your case. In fact, it’s even going to backfire on you as it will only highlight your bigger size and draw more attention to your weight. It will also make you look bulky, sloppy, and unable to dress properly. To add to that, wearing clothes that aren’t the right fit will make you feel uncomfortable, and who wants that?

To dress well, look for clothes that “hug” your body lightly. You don’t want anything too small that it’s too tight on you either. The goal is to frame your body and flatter your shape, not hide it.

Keep the Patterns Simple

The best clothes for bigger guys are ones in broad, solid, and neutral colors. Solid colors give the appearance of a slimmer frame and will tie up your look together nicely. However, if you want to go for patterns, avoid loud colors and busy prints for they tend to make one look even larger.

On the topic of stripes, you must have heard that horizontal stripes make you look fat. This is true. Stripes will make you look bigger than you actually are because this pattern gives a “stretched” appearance. If you like stripes, though, you don’t have to avoid it altogether. Vertical stripes are friendlier to bigger men and will make you look slimmer and taller.

Layering Is Your Friend

Layering clothes the right way will help you achieve a slimmer appearance. To achieve this, for example, wear a light-colored shirt underneath a dark-colored coat. The outerwear will create a stronger outline of your body and will frame you nicely. Just make sure that the colors go well together so that you don’t look like you just threw on a bunch of clothes to layer on top of each other.

Say Goodbye to Your Heavy Clothes

Just because you are heavy doesn’t mean your wardrobe should be, too. Clothes made of thick and heavy material will only weigh you down and make you look bulky. Thick fabric will also trap heat and contribute to sweating, which doesn’t look good or feel nice at all, so you want to avoid these types of clothing. Remember that the key to being confident in your own body is dressing well and comfortably.