How To Easily Save Money On Car Rentals

Car rentals are a necessary part of travel, allowing visitors to easily get from one place to another. Unfortunately, car rentals often prove to be quite expensive, eating a large chunk of a travel budget. In addition to the cost of the rental itself, gasoline and mileage charges can set travelers even further back. In order to combat these high costs, it is important for savvy voyagers to learn how to save money on everyday car rentals.

Booking in Advance
Perhaps the easiest tip for saving on an upcoming car rental is to make the reservation well in advance. Many car rental services charge a lower rate if a reservation is made at least two weeks before the car is needed. While it may not always be possible to make reservations this far in advance, whenever possible, it pays to plan ahead.

Car Rental Rewards Programs
Rewards programs are another fantastic way to save on a vehicle rental. Many of the large car rental services offer these programs to their customers, making it easy to rack up points on every rental. Additionally, these loyalty programs are often compatible with airline, hotel and dining rewards programs from other travel companies. By combining earned miles and points from other companies, saving big on a car rental is made exceptionally easy.

Using Discounts and Coupons
It is not unusual for car rental services to make discounts and coupons available to customers, often in commemoration of a holiday or during slower periods of the year. Taking advantage of these discounts is a fantastic way to lower the overall cost of a car rental, but it does require travelers to pay close attention to ongoing sales and promotions. Many rental companies advertise these offers via their newsletter, which can be subscribed to on the company’s site.

Booking through Aggregators
The travel industry has been radically transformed by the advent of the Internet. No longer are travelers forced to call every business on the block to get the best rate available on an upcoming flight, hotel reservation or car rental. Instead, it is easy to use travel aggregators to look for the cheapest fares and prices.

Car rentals are no exception to this rule. It is simple to do a quick search for a car during a particular time period, in turn pulling up hundreds of different results. By investing a bit of time researching in this way, consumers can easily save on their next rental, sometimes in excess of a few hundred dollars on a single reservation.

Booking a car might feel like an incredible challenge, but there is no reason to feel overwhelmed by the expense of these reservations. By planning ahead, maximizing reservations by signing up for rewards programs and paying close attention to available discounts and promotions, getting a car rental inexpensively is easier than ever before. All of the money saved on these car rentals can easily be parlayed into future trips, making passengers’ dollars stretch further while away from home.

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