How To Engage Toddlers Creatively

Engaging your child creatively need not to be challenging or frustrating; all you need to do is think about ways to draw out that creativity inside your child. One way is to go to your child’s favorite playground and observe what your child loves the most about it. What equipment piece does he enjoy the most?

Talk with him about what draws his interest in the structures. By doing this you may help your child discover a talent for architectural design. Maybe you could talk with him about how he might design something original in a swing set or jungle gym.

How about your child inventing a superhero identity?

Most children like to have a “superhero” identity. Why not engage your child in a conversation about what superpowers he or she would like to have and what superhero name he or she would choose. To make this come alive, draw a superhero logo and use old material to create an outfit. Engage the toddler with some awesome toys like tricycles or board games. For an idea, you can get a look at Janod toys from Good to Play.

Check out the comics section of your local newspaper

Go through the comics section of your local newspaper with your child and find out what makes him laugh. Use his response to create a brand new comic strip and put in the strip characters and illustrations. Make a storyboard and have him fill in words and reactions to other characters. Create a name for the comic strip.

Get the cameras going!

For some real creativity, put together a television show. Create a name, a basic concept and write some dialogue for an episode. Let each one in the family participate in a certain role such as director, scriptwriter, camera operator, actors and so on. Use a video camera to film scenes from the script. Use costumes, music or whatever you want to add to make the dialogue and movements as real as possible.

Explore the planets

The universe is a wondrous and awesome space for anyone to explore. Visit a planetarium and then talk with your child about creating their own planet or galaxy. Have him create the planet’s name, characteristics and where the planet would be in comparison to other planets. Or, if you can afford it, purchase a telescope and let your children explore the universe. 

Celebrate the moments of your child and family’s life

Celebrate the moments of your child and family’s life. Do some research on holidays, observances and have your child think of fun ways to honor the occasions. For example, May 1 to 7 is National Summer Safety Week. Have your child think of ways to have a safe but happy summer. Let them think of fun things to cook or bake on those days.

Tips to foster your child’s creativity

Here are some tips that will help foster creativity in your children. For example, provide the resources children need for creative expressions such as a place where they can make a mess, like a room in your attic or a corner in your family room where they can paint, play with Legos or dress up.

Another tip is to encourage your child to read for pleasure and participate in the arts. Give them some ideas on rehearsing a play or learning to draw. Most importantly, give your children the opportunity to express different ways of thinking or solving problems. Let them know that there are several ways to come to a solution. When they solve a problem successfully, ask them to solve it again but in a different way.

To conclude, engaging your child’s creativity need not be challenging or frustrating. Try one or more of the above suggestions and grow your child’s creativity.

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