How To Ensure A Good Response To Meetings In The Worst Of Weather

Business goes on all year round in the highly competitive world in which we live, which means that we may have to go to meet people – or indeed welcome them to our own backyard – at any time of the year.

Bearing this in mind, along with the fact that, of course, different parts of the world will be experiencing vastly contrasting weather all at the same time, you should take care to make gatherings as easily accessible as possible, no matter what month of the year you arrange them for.

Consider the possiblity
While there may be times when holding a meeting at a time which coincides with possible poor weather cannot be avoided, it is a better idea to research your possible locations as part of the general preparations you undertake, and find out whether there are any times of year which are considered worse than others in terms of weather.

If, however, you have no choice and the meeting’s date is inflexible, then there is a lot you can do to make the experience of getting to the venue as easy as possible for those attending.

Choose your venue carefully
Primarily, this comes down to your choice of venue. While you may well want to show off the scenery and beauty of the location where people will be gathering, your first consideration so that everyone has the best chance of getting to it is to choose a venue which is centrally-located.

Consider public transport links
This is likely to mean that it will have the best possible links to public transport, as well as being served by the largest number of taxi and private hire car operators. You might wish to give your guests a taste of the exotic splendour of your location – but if they then have to undertake an epic journey to reach it which leaves them not feeling like working and networking, then you will have defeated your object.

Likewise, it may be that you and your guests all agree that your country and suggested location look their best when they are under a good covering of snow. But if those same weather conditions prevent planes from landing at the nearest airport, and bring all the public transport modes to a standstill, then your guests are more likely to remember the event for the time they spent marooned in a hotel, or, even worse, the airport, than they are the event itself. And of course, this will mean that the very object of the gathering will have been defeated.

Give as much information as possible
So when planning a meeting at an inhospitable time of the year, you need to provide your guests with more information than might otherwise be the case about their options for reaching the venue. And once they are there, they will no doubt appreciate the fact that you have researched the availability of local hotel rooms for both before and after the event, in case they wish to build extra travelling time into their schedules.

So this goes to show that there is no need for business to grind to a halt in bad weather – merely that a good deal of extra thought should be put into making arriving, getting around and departing again as simple and stress-free as possible.

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This guest blog was contributed by Jenny Smith a business writer who is very keen on how to go about picking out the best business meeting rooms.

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