How To Find A New You In 2013

A new year already and as resolutions begin to break like cracks on frozen lakes it’s easy to get down at this time of the year. The razzmatazz of the holiday period often leaves us a little deflated as after all those sweet highs there’s only one way to go. Getting back to reality includes taking a good hard look at ourselves and from where we’re living to what we’re wearing, there are loads of reasons why finding a new you is at the top of the list of things to do in 2013.

Below are a few suggestions as to how you can really make this year the one that you reinvent yourself and if, in 12 months’ time, you can look in that bathroom mirror and smile at your reflection then you know that you’ve done a great job.

It’s an easy place to start but sometimes looking at ourselves means that we have to look at the person who we’re spending the most time with. Are we feeling down because we’re in the wrong relationship? Is there not enough love or is there too much love meaning that we don’t feel balanced? If you feel like you need a break or you want to just take a rest then just do it because you only get one life and who’s to say you’ve found the right person to be with out of all of the other options available.

A new job
Sometimes staring at the same colleagues and four walls can drive us to the brink of insanity and this is not a healthy place to be. If you’re fed up with your boss or with having to be nice to people all day long then do something about it before it’s too late. The best way to quit your job is to have a back-up plan so you don’t have to fall too far financially or emotionally. Look online for what roles are being advertised and then consider whether you have the correct skills or if retraining would be a better option. When you’ve decided that you’re ready to switch then the only thing to do is: go for it!

The old adage: a healthy body equates to a healthy mind, is still as relevant as it’s always been and getting in to physical shape is an excellent start on your quest to finding a new you. Join a sports club, a gym or an online training site and set yourself some achievable challenges that you know that you’ll be able to stick to. If you’re lacking motivation then why not sign up to a charity challenge where you need to be physically fit enough to undertake and compete in order to raise funds? Marathons, walks and cyclethons are all over the country and once you discover how good you feel when you’re working out you’ll quickly want to keep on even after the sponsored event is completed.

A gap year
If there are no jobs out there or there’s simply nothing suitable for you at this moment in time then why don’t you consider a gap year? Taking a real gap from your day-to-day job will enable you to travel and find out about people who are less fortunate than yourself. Volunteer projects and cultural adventures are excellent experiences for anyone who’s sick to death of the daily grind and when you’re away from home you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can slip out of your old shell and into a completely and utterly new one.

A new routine
Get up a bit earlier, change your diet and do some early morning stretches because creating a new you is sometimes as easy as making some gentle tweaks to your daily routine. If you want to be more creative then why not hang out at some live music venues or spend one evening a week looking around a gallery? Use your lunch break wisely and read a new book or go and have a coffee in somewhere that you’ve never been to before.

As with most things, if you want to make a change then you and you alone are the only person that can make it happen so seize the day and enjoy everything that 2013 has to throw at you.

Biog: Chris has changed his daily routine beyond all recognition and has never been happier!

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