How to Find the Best Car Mechanic

Getting a really good mechanic for your car repairs is almost like winning the jackpot. The most bitter truth that lies behind the stories of car repair is that, finally your car is at the mercy of the mechanic, even if it is under a bigger umbrella of a renowned repair shop, a dealership or a service center. In the past, the only reliable source of information was the word of mouth. Even today, that holds lot of water but in a different way. Today, you can know the experience of dealing with a mechanic through the star rating of a repair shop on the internet. Today voicing the opinion about anything is no more an issue. So, make full use of this advantage of internet ratings when you are in search of a car mechanic.

Here from the Subaru Kearny Mesa, we have gathered few very useful tips about how to do the perfect search on the internet and verify the efficiency of a mechanic.

  1. Focus on Your Car Model While Searching for a Repair Shop: When you are looking for garages on the web, for the best car mechanic, remember that there are garages who specialize on brands or makes. While feeding in the keywords in the search box, focus first on your brand and then about the equipment that are needed to fix up your vehicle. This way you can save yourself from unnecessary delays with the excuse that the shop needs to order for that part.
  1. Search for Professional Car Servicing Portals: When you search for anything on the internet, there would be several search results appearing before you in a list. Look for the ones that take you to the portal that enlists individual professionals under the categories of services. It would be the same way you look for a plumber.

Today most of these portals are including the star rating system for every individual service provider or technical help. Choose the one from the list of car mechanics with a 5 star or maximum star rating.

  1. Check for Certification: While looking for a car mechanic, do not shy away to ask for the certification, before handing out your car to a shop or any individual mechanic. The car is a costly affair and so is the maintenance or repair charge. It won’t be taken as a rude behavior if you ask them to share their certification status.  Any authorized shop should have the certification issued by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE. Their own website is yet another source to find an authorized car repair shop near you that has a searchable database for this.
  1. Consult Your Family and Friends: A word of mouth is still important and is considered even now a reliable source of information. In your area or a bit further it is likely to find a good mechanic if a friend or relative of yours recommend you.
  1. Ask Your Dealership: One of the best ways to find a trustworthy mechanic is asking your own dealership to help you out.  A trusted dealership like Kearny Mesa Subaru dealer would have a team of mechanics who can take care of your car and explain the entire process with due respect to you as their trusted customer.

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