How To Find The Best Charms For Bracelets

Charm bracelets continue to be really popular to give (and receive) as gifts.  Buying the basic bracelet with a couple of charms can be a nice way of helping someone to start a collection: or, if someone you know already has a charm bracelet you can simply shop around for some charms for bracelets to add to their existing collection.

Charms for bracelets can be generic, but ideally they should represent something really personal to the intended wearer.  Perhaps they are heading towards important exams: a four-leaf clover charm would be a really lovely gift.  If they have other important events coming up or that have happened recently you could buy charms that symbolise those events (such as a charm in the shape of a pram to signify a birth).

Charms that symbolise a person’s character or interests are also popular: choose a charm in the shape of a musical note for someone who loves listening to or playing music, perhaps, or in the shape of an animal they particularly like. Make sure you get your facts right before you buy: a ‘cat’ person is unlikely to have much desire to receive a charm in the shape of a dog, for example.

But where do you shop for charms for bracelets?  Online there are plenty of stores that offer charms for bracelets and a simple search will find plenty of options.  Consider price and materials – if your friend has a silver bracelet, choose silver charms and if you’re not sure what sort of bracelet they own, opt for something colourful (there are some really pretty ceramic charms out there).  As with all online shopping check that the retailer is reputable and read their online reviews and returns policies/record.  Also check how long charms will take to be delivered in case you need it as a gift for a certain date.

Alternatively there are plenty of jewellery shops offering charms for bracelets for a range of prices from very cheap to designer.  Obviously a lot will depend on how much you want to spend but since charms for bracelets are very small, it is probably better to spend a little more for a really special gift.  Remember that you get what you pay for!

Charms will normally have to be soldered onto a bracelet, so if possible borrow the bracelet from your friend before returning it with your gift already fitted so that they don’t have to arrange to have it fitted.  Alternatively, give the charm in its box and add a note in the card that next time you go shopping together you will take the charm to be soldered to the bracelet for your friend.   If your friend does not already have a safety chain fitted to their bracelet and your charm is worth quite a bit of money, you might also want to offer to have a chain fitted for safekeeping.

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