How To Get A Business Loan In Texas

The Federal government started issuing business loans for small businesses because they wanted to build trust with the people.

An SBA Loan

In Texas, small business owners are supported by SBA loans.  These loans can be found through banks and financial institutions.  Also, SBA offers low interest rate loans for owners who are having a hard time getting loans from banks.  When an owner applies for an SBA loan, they are receiving a commercial based loan that follows SBA rules.  This means that when the owner borrows and defaults to making repayments, the SBA will pay it back to the lender.

Getting a Loan in Texas

Starting a new business requires capital, and the best way to get capital is by getting a loan.  To get a business loan in Texas you need to first apply with ACCION Texas.  They will help business owners determine how much money they will need and help the, understand the rules for eligibility of a loan.  ACCION Texas is there to help your business be successful.

You also need to apply to the U.S. Small Business Administration because they give you many opportunities to apply for a loan.  Also, SBA can show you how to make a detailed business plan, so that your business will be profitable.  SBA lists all the rules for each state, so you are able to check the state business laws for Texas to make sure you are in accordance with them.

Another company that you should apply with is the Texas Small Business Loan Fund and Business Government.  By applying with them you get access to research the right business loan or grant for your business.

After applying with these companies, go to your bank and ask them if they have the ability to grant you a loan for your new or existing business.  If they are able to do this for you, and your credit is good, most likely you will be granted the loan.  The bank will also benefit from this as long as your business prospers, which could open potential doors for both of you.


This is a multi-state nonprofit business lender.  They offer:

-loans: up to $50,000 for startups and up to $250,000 for established businesses

-quick approval for loans

-interest rates that are fixed and mangeable

-training for business development

In Texas ACCION has the authority to process and administer Small Business 504 Loans.

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