How To Get Ahead Next Semester

Even though this semester isn’t yet over, you haven’t finished your finals, and we are just approaching the holiday season, it isn’t too early to begin thinking about next semester. You likely know your schedule and may be feeling a tad overwhelmed already. Never fear, planning ahead for next semester is a great way to ensure you begin the new term focused, prepared, and ready to tackle the academic challenges that await you. For example, if you know you’re scheduled for English composition next semester and it isn’t one of your strongest areas perhaps you should arrange for writing tutors. Knowing that you have the support you need already lined up will boost your confidence and calm your nerves.

There are many ways to get ahead next semester, including:

Make course changes early

Take a minute now to review your second semester schedule. Are there classes you need to change? If you wait too long to speak to your counselor you may not be able to drop or add necessary classes. You may want to just switch class periods or teachers for certain courses. Make sure your counselor knows about the changes you want to make to your schedule as soon as possible.

Know your teacher’s schedules

As soon as you are able, find out your teacher’s daily schedule. Make note of their prep times, supervision schedules, and if they have help sessions planned for before or after school. The best time to get help from your teacher is early, before you become more confused or the work seems way too hard. Teachers are eager to help if you approach them with your questions and are willing to work within their schedules.

Make friends with your classmates

Check with your friends before next semester begins to see if you are scheduled for any of the same classes. If you don’t have classmates you already know, it is time to make some new friends! Take advantage of the first couple weeks to make friends, find others that are interested in excelling academically, and build camaraderie with other people in the class. This will help when choosing partners for group projects and if you plan to study with others.

Arrange for extra support

At times you may need to arrange extra support such as one-on-one tutoring. Individual math, science, reading, or writing tutors can help you reach your maximum potential. The tutoring sessions are based specifically on your strengths and needs, and you can be assured that your time and money are well spent. A tutor will pinpoint exactly what you know and what areas need growth. This will help ensure that you are excelling academically and making the most of your education.

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