How To Get Money That Is Owed To You

There is nothing worse than losing out on money which is owed today, especially in today’s economy. It is the case in many businesses at the moment, they will provide a service or a supply a product to a client or customer, and they will never actually get paid for that service or product. Most big businesses will work on with regular clients on a finance plan, this means they won’t need to pay up front for any products or services they receive, and instead they will pay at a later arranged date. But what if this date comes and they do not pay? Follow my advice on what to do next.


Instead of just leaving it to sort itself out, you should contact the client or customer who owes you money immediately. The longer you leave it, the more difficult it is going to be to get your money back.

You should first try contacting the person by telephone, if you do get in touch with them straight away, you should explain that they currently owe you some money and explain that it has passed their payment date. If your client explains to you that they cannot pay the amount off in full, you should then set up a payment plan.

If you cannot get in contact with the client but someone else in the business, you should explain that you are trying to get in contact with the manager regarding financial issues. If you cannot get to speak to the person directly, you should explain the situation to someone else in the business and ask what they are going to do about it.

If you cannot get in touch with anyone in the company, it may be worth sending a few emails immediately explaining if they do not get in touch without a certain time period, you will be taking further action.


If you do begin to get payments with the plan you have set up, you should continue to work with the client and allow them to pay off the debt in the way you have planned.

If you still receive no payment, and your client does not contact you, it is now time to take further action.

Further Action

The first step to taking further action against a client or a customer is to hire the help of a commercial investigator to help you track down the person who owes you money. You should choose an investigations company that you believe is the most fitting to the job.

Your investigator will assess your case and immediately start tracing the client who owes money to you. You will have to work with your investigator for a set time period to get the debt which is owed to you back.

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