How To Get More Bang For Your Buck With Serviced Offices In Bangkok

For most, Thailand is associated with notions of backpacking, temples, wildlife encounters, and spectacular natural landscapes. You can get all of these things in the ‘land of smiles,’ but it isn’t just travellers who admire this unique corner of the world. For many of the same reasons, it is just as popular with entrepreneurs.

How To Get More Bang For Your Buck With Serviced Offices In Bangkok

When you add a friendly business culture and a robust economy, it becomes the ideal destination for innovators and inventors. The good news is, if you are looking to expand into the Thai market, thriving here is easier than ever. With a number of high-end serviced offices in Bangkok, small businesses can move in without any delay or downtime.

This guide to the cost saving benefits of serviced solutions will explain why they are great for businesses on a budget.

The Littlest of Overheads

The cost benefits of ‘going serviced’ manifest themselves in all kinds of ways and some need to be observed over the long term. Many others, however, are evident from day one. For example, these office spaces are provided as complete, comprehensive resources.

The monthly fee that you are quoted (and agree to) includes logistical expenses. This means heating, lighting, water, air conditioning, broadband, and cleaning. The cost of maintenance is also covered, so tenants never pay for faults, breakdowns, or accidental damage.

A Premium Environment

Plus, if you prefer, an office can be made available to you on a furnished basis. It will come with high-end décor, beautiful furniture, and solid, durable floors. While furnished suites carry a slightly bigger fee, it is offset by the money saved on decorating and moving costs.

It’s worth remembering the impact which a sumptuously designed office can have on employees. Everything from layout to the colour scheme, the lighting, textures, and accessories influences mood and determines whether your team is frail or focused.

Better Money Management

Established companies, with a history of renting, will tell you that waste is a surprisingly pervasive problem. Cutting out unnecessary expenses might sound simple, but it’s harder than you think when your office package comes with a host of redundant features.

Conference rooms are the best example. While they can be invaluable for many, they’re rarely used on a daily or even weekly basis. Yet, they need to be maintained regardless. Serviced providers allow you to eliminate waste by accessing facilities only when you really need them.

Self-Contained Support

It’s also worth considering the cost benefits of being closely connected to back office support systems. Unlike virtual suites, serviced offices are privately leased, but this doesn’t mean that tenants are isolated. There are onsite teams ready to help you solve all kinds of issues.

From accounting services to HR management, secretaries, tech assistance, PAs, web developers, and more, your first port of call should be the serviced facility. That way, you don’t have to pay sky high fees to hire the help of an outside company, away from central Bangkok.

Why Serviced Is the Right Way to Save

Don’t forget that the more money you save on logistical and support expenses, the more you’ll have to channel back into the company for growth and development. When you reach a place where you’re ready to expand, many different options will be available to you.

With no penalty fees for terminations, it’s as easy to leave serviced facilities as it is to move in. On the other hand, many providers do allow tenants to relocate to bigger suites, within the same building, if they need more room but would like to keep the current arrangement.