How To Get Started With Hardwood Floor Replacement

When you purchase an older home one of the selling features you fell in love with might have been the original hardwood floors throughout the home. What happens when you find there are areas of the floor that are damaged and need repair? When you are looking to repair areas or completely replace your hardwood floors here’s what you need to know:

  • Begin by determining the amount of damage to each area you need to repair. Larger areas should most likely be replaced instead of repairing as the overall match will be hard to achieve and the expense of repair could actually end up being more than replacement.
  • When re-doing the floors throughout the home begin by inspecting the floors of each room to determine if you can make repairs or if there are specific rooms that need replacement. If you have to replace one floor but are repairing the others use the flooring you remove from the one room to repair the others. Check each room for missing or broken boards, check for lifted boards, nails that have come up, or even gaps between boards.
  • If you have replacement boards from another room the repair will be much easier. If you don’t have boards from other areas of the home you can buy new or reclaimed hardwood that will match. Then, using the replacement boards you can begin to make the repairs by carefully removing the damaged area and replacing them. When making replacements you need to ensure that you choose ones with similar grain to those you are replacing. Dry fit the new board and then apply the correct epoxy or glue to the underside of the board and nail the board in. The floor can then be sanded and finished for a great new look.
  • When replacement is the best options you’ll first need to remove the old flooring. After the old flooring has been removed it is important to check the sub-floor to make sure it can support the new flooring. Then, either yourself or with the assistance of a professional flooring company you can install the new hardwood floors. Once the floors are installed you can finish them at the same time as the rest of the floors.

Once all of the flooring has been repaired and replaced, you can continue with a final sanding and then a uniform finish throughout the home. Finally, after the repairs and replacements of the flooring are done you’ll have those original floors you bought your dream home for. Bosch has a number of tools you can use for flooring replacement. If you need Bosch parts to repair your polisher, saw, sander and other tools, use this link:

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