How To Get The Inside Knowledge On What Your Staff Really Think And Want!

One of the most important assets your company has is its staff. They are the face of the company, the backend of the company and everything else in between. And most importantly they are the reason your business is or isn’t successful. Some of the great businesses leaders like Sir Richard Branson, Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie understood the importance of being able to motivate and rally staff to achieve their company’s goals. This however can only be done by knowing your staff and what their driving forces are.

Finding out what motivates staff and what makes them want to achieve goals will make putting teams together, assigning tasks and put targets in place far easier and more productive. Everyone is motivated by different things and everyone has different goals. So how do we find out what these goals are? We can simply ask our staff, but this may lead to them being dishonest and telling their bosses what they think they want to hear. We need is an impartial third person who can ask the right questions to get the right feedback.

This is where employee feedback surveys have helped companies really find out what their staff wants, what they think about the company and what improvements could be made. And this isn’t just for new trendy companies whose staff all sit around on beanbags. Employee feedback surveys are impartial and anonymous so staff don’t feel that they are being singled out, which gives them more scope to be as honest as possible.

Often most companies who feel that everything is fine and dandy within their organisation are often shocked that staff feel undervalued. It may just be the case that the company is poorly organised and in some cases they may get great ideas from staff on how to make subtle changes. These ideas that staff can give can improve predictability, profitability and overall moral of the staff.

There are hundreds of business gurus and business development consultants that will more than likely tell you to change this, that and the other. But by speaking with your staff, who are the people actually running the business day-to-day, you will have a better idea how and what the business needs to be successful.

Why not take a leaf out of some of the most successful businesses minds in the world and instead of reinventing the wheel make your business more like a single unit focused on one goal.

This article was written by Joanne Nando, an avid business and productivity writer. For more information on employee surveys please visit –

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