How To Get The Most Out Of Your Outback BBQ

Planning for the summer barbecue season is exciting. Your barbecue should be able to cope with all that is asked of it, no matter how big the party. Outback manufacture a range of barbecues for occasions, from portable travel units to gas-fuelled steel units with integral side burners.

Finding room for your barbecue is not a problem, as Outback’s range includes stand-mounted charcoal units that require very little maintenance, and larger gas units that run from their own supply. Outback units are designed to offer maximum space to work, and additional shelves for extra plate and food storage. Useful accessories, such as extra burners, warming racks and even a rotisserie spit for chicken can be attached to Outback barbecues, allowing you to prepare a wide range of tasty dishes and keep them warm before serving. There is also a range of heat-resistant stainless steel utensils such as a spatula (which features a very useful integral bottle opener), tongs, and a non-stick fork.

For small parties, Outback’s Charcoal models offer an ideal solution. Simple to operate, they are compact and feature a stand and heavy duty wheels for easy transportation around your garden area. Larger models also have a warming rack and a shelf for utensils, along with a porcelain coated bowl for durability. A spacious hood allows heat retention even on windy days, and prevents debris from falling onto the food.

Outback’s larger gas models feature a variety of design innovations to help cook food more thoroughly. Special “flavouriser” bars fit above the burners and under the grill to channel heat upwards and help to stop fat from falling down onto the elements. They also vaporise the juices and direct the flavour back onto the food. Some models feature lava rock baskets fitted below the grill to retain and distribute heat across the whole cooking surface. Increased cooking space and storage for plates and accessories make these the perfect solution for bigger parties and sophisticated cooking.

Outback recommend cleaning with a detergent no stronger than soapy water to avoid damaging stainless steel and enamel surfaces.  The cast iron burners are delivered with a natural finish, and will naturally attract rust unless brushed with the wire brush supplied with the unit. The porcelain coating on the hood is designed to be wiped clean and if properly cared for will last for years. Specialist kebab racks and skewers are available from Outback for preparing the trickier recipes, along with a fish grill that will keep fish together during cooking.

Finally, prepare for the rigours of cooking by donning an Outback apron and mitt set, which will protect your clothes (and your cooking hand) from smoke and fat. A dedicated Outback cover will help preserve your barbecue during the winter months and keep it pristine for the next barbecue season. A quick springtime clean and inspection of the gas feed system should be sufficient to get your Outback ready for more delicious food.

Written by Sam Luther, a gardening and lifestyle blogger.

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