How To Get Tickets For Face Value Before They Sell Out?

I have decided to write a post based on my experiences this week. My favorite band Muse released a press-release stating that they were going to play a stadium tour in the United Kingdom, in particular Manchester, London and Birmingham.  So before I tell you how I purchased the tickets at normal price I will tell you my previous experiences.

Last year another of my top bands Coldplay performed at London Emirates Stadium and I  was desperate for tickets. I like many others waited online until the tickets were released at 9am, I hit refresh and guess what, absolutely nothing, I got the white screen of death for a few seconds. Subsequently I was then placed in queue for more than 10 minutes with the message “do not hit refresh as you will lose your place in the queue”.  I waited and I thought that surely they couldn’t sell 66,000 tickets in 10 minutes or could they?

After waiting with my bank details ready, the screen refreshed and the message was now clear “SOLD OUT”. Ater this disappointment I simply purchased tickets through the UK comparison site Ticket Yoda. I knew next time my favourite broup performed I had to be ready to purchase tickets as soon as they became available and therefore needed a plan.

Here was the plan and exactly what I did to purchase Muse tickets?

  1. Pre-register on all known official sites selling tickets.

This make the process quicker and easier at the checkout pages, the quicker the transaction the better you are

2. Have two computers open both with 2 browsers at the ready, Safari and Chrome.

Different Browsers increases the chance of getting through to the ticket-purchasing page.

3.Phone at the ready.

Excellent method to get tickets, whilst most people purchase online this leaves the option of buying from the booking hotline, you can always leave the phone on loudspeaker whilst on hold to increase the chances.

How I did it?

OK so I called the ticket agent hotline at 8.55 knowing that I will probably be in the queue for 5 minutes before somebody answers. At the same time I have all the browsers open at the exact page of Muse and at 8.59 I click the refresh button.

Voilà, not only am I through to the customer service agent on the phone who can help me directly but I am also through to the checkout page on one of the ticket sites. Whilst 3 out of 4 of the Internet pages crashed and resulted in no tickets, one of them (probably the first one I refreshed) connected and I was able to get the tickets.

I hope this short post helps at least some of you on how to get tickets before they sell out. The other method is queue up physically at the venue itself, an early morning start but you are more than likely to get them at the venue because the ticket office normally has a set allocation for queuing public.

Good luck

Written by Adam Beaumont, writer, event traveller and Entrepenuer.

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