How To Get Your Keyword Density Right

Keywords are the foundation of any SEO strategy. They’re the essential component that enables Google and website users to understand the content. There has been a lot of change in recent years, and the way keywords are measured is different. The density and ratio of keywords were once measured vigourously, and most experts recommended a keyword density of 5 percent. The problem with this system is that it put more emphasis on the use of keywords than on the quality of the content.

How To Get Your Keyword Density Right

Marketers have begun to move away from keyword density, but they’re still necessary for SEO and rankings. With all this to consider, it’s hard to know how to get your density right.

Google’s Views On Keyword Density

The introduction of Google’s Hummingbird in 2013 changed how keywords are used and understood. It means that instead of using keywords, words that relate to a topic can be utilized.

What Words and Phrases Should Be Used?

Keywords will also have an importance for SEO, but the particular set of keywords we should use is always changing. Previously, people used a few keywords throughout their content. However, it is now common practice to use words that relate to the topic, putting greater emphasis on intent rather than specifics.

Writing for user intent involves using words that are relevant to your subject but also offer comprehensive coverage. The problem is knowing what words to use. If you’re struggling to create the perfect keyword density, a London SEO agency like Elevate UK can assist you in improving rankings.

How To Get Your Keyword Density Right

Using proof terms and relevant terms can help you achieve a better density. Proof terms prove to Google that the content you’re covering is related to the topic. An example of this is an article about films using words such as Hollywood and movies.

Relevant terms are sub-topics in your central content theme. The article about films may include such words as “Oscars” or mention genres and actors’ names. They apply to the topic and cover multiple angles.

Is There a Precise Keyword Density?

The short answer to this question is no. A study by Searchmetrics concluded this after altering results in the keyword density of top-ranking pages. This reminds us that keyword density ratio should be thought of merely as guidelines.