How To Give Up Smoking, Without Gaining Weight

How to give up smoking without gaining weight is one of the number one questions that every smoker asks themselves when they are ready to give up the habit. The fact is that one of the best ways to give up smoking is to increase snacking in order to help settle down the oral fixation.

While this is part of why weight gain is so common in people who quit smoking, what many of them do not realize is that the reason you want to eat more has nothing to do with oral fixation and everything to do with the sudden lack of nicotine in your blood.

The Facts About Nicotine…

Nicotine is an appetite suppressant which, when present in the blood, reduces the signals to the brain that the body is hungry. Because of this, when someone stops smoking and thus stops putting nicotine into their blood stream the brain starts to get more of the hunger signals and in response a person winds up eating more.

While there is a good reason for this increase in hunger, the idea of gaining weight is often enough to stop people from even attempting to quit smoking in the first place. Even though there is a lot of evidence to support the fact that most people who quit smoking will eventually lose weight again once their bodies normalize a bit, this doesn’t help stop the fear that by quitting smoking someone will gain weight.

What Motivates You to Give Up?

The main reason why most people want to quit smoking is because it has very extreme effects on a person’s health. Smoking is one of the leading causes of heart problems, lung diseases, and cancer and by quitting smoking you greatly reduce your risks of developing these diseases.

But along with fear of weight gain, one of the chief reasons most people continue to smoke and thus continue to increase their risk of serious health problems is because smoking is really hard to give up. What people need is some kind of product that takes away the worst parts of smoking (the smoke itself) while still allowing them to feel like they are getting the craving for a cigarette satisfied and this is exactly where e-cigs come in.

Alternatives to Smoking

E-cigs are electronic devices that look and feel like real cigarettes. They use a vapor that contains nicotine to give you the sensation of smoking without having to inhale toxic cigarette smoke to get it.

Not only does this mean that smokers have an alternative, but those who are worried about weight gain from quitting smoking have an alternative as well. Because e-cigs deliver the same amount of nicotine to the blood, someone who switches to electronic cigarettes is much less likely to eat more and thus less likely to gain extra weight.

So if you are someone who has put off quitting smoking for fear of weight gain then you have good news, e-cigs are a healthier alternative and won’t make you gain weight.

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