How To Give Your Children What They Want

One read of that title is probably enough to send many parents into a rage. Give children what they want? If we were to do that then there would be a serious danger of the whole of society crashing down around us in the blink of an eye.

Fear not though, parents everywhere, as we’re not talking about turning our children into spoilt little people who will then throw a tantrum every time they fail to get their own way. No, we instead decided to look at the things our children really want. You know, the things they would say to a stranger or write down on a secret list, not the things they might say so that they can build their street cred at school, for example, or not be the only ones who didn’t unwrap an iPod Touch or a Nintendo 3DS at Christmas or for their birthdays.

Girls Will Be Girls, As Boys Will Be Boys

This is especially true if you have children in the age 4 – 12 bracket. Despite what toy companies might want us to believe, and the attitude of general society that says children should grow up quickly, the truth is that children really want to be, well, children!

One great way to celebrate childhood is to focus on buying age appropriate gifts for girls and for boys, rather than taking the old “digital babysitter” way out and buying a videogame which you know will keep them occupied for hours at a time.

Examples of age appropriate toys can be found everywhere, whether it is die-cast cars and construction toys for boys, or classy period dolls and keepsake books for girls. It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying top brands such as Barbie and Ben 10, for example, however just because these are the most popular it doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best.

Adult Interaction

Although you may never be able to tell from your own child, children love spending time with adults almost as much as anything else.

The great thing with age appropriate toys such as the ones we mentioned is that they open up a wide realm of opportunities to interact with your kids, whatever age they are. You could do anything, you might ask your daughter to tell you a story about her doll, or use construction toys to create a race track for die-cast cars for your son.

As we said, the possibilities are endless, and will give you a lot of parent power when it comes to truly giving your children what they want, but may not admit to you!

Kate Carson has written hundreds of articles and blogs about the girls toy industry specialising in promoting and marketing the most innovative gifts for girls within the marketplace.

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