How To Go To Nursing School In Denver

Nursing School in Denver

The demand has never been higher for nurses. Currently Colorado is lacking 41 percent of the workforce needed to fill nursing jobs. The market for licensed practical nurses and registered nurses is expected to grow over 20 percent while the market for certified nursing assistants is expected to grow 19 percent. This is a great time to consider a career in nursing. There are many choices when choosing a nursing school in Denver. The key to choosing the best school lies in individual career goals and length of training time. When deciding where to earn their nursing certification, Denver students typically choose a nursing program at a Denver community college, or a Denver nursing school.

How Long Does it Take to Earn a Degree?

The amount of time needed to complete a nursing program in Denver will vary depending on the chosen program. Certified nursing assistant training can last up to three months depending on the program taken. On the other hand, training to become a licensed nurse may take between one to three years depending on the program and progress. The registered nursing program generally takes between two and four years to complete. Nurse practitioners must complete all of the requirement of the registered nursing program and obtain a bachelors degree, which can take between four and six years depending on the training. The advance practice registered nurse program and the certified registered nurse anesthetist program, both require the completion of a masters degree which can require five years or more to complete.

How Much Does it Cost?

Cost is a major consideration when deciding which Denver nursing program to attend. Cost can vary greatly depending on which school and program you choose. Community colleges in Denver generally offer a low-cost option for earning a degree in nursing. Choose a Denver nursing school that is regionally accredited to ensure you are able to obtain financial and federal assistance, if needed. Scholarships may also be available if you meet certain guidelines. A financial-aid counselor at your local college can help you determine which financial options will suit your needs.

How to Find a Job

There are several paths to finding employment after completing nursing school in Denver. The career services department at local Denver community colleges and nursing schools often post available positions on their website, and may even assist in career placement.

Are There Tests?

Completing a Denver community college degree program will prepare you to successfully complete your nursing examination. All nursing students must complete an examination in order to begin working. Your nursing school will provide the information on these examinations and provide you with the tools to successfully pass them.

Begin Your Program Today

Now is the time to earn your degree at a nursing school in Denver. Most nursing schools and community colleges have websites with school information and the ability to apply, as well as contact information for their financial aid and student services department. Increase your career prospects and start the path towards earning your nursing degree today.

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