How To Hang The Draperies Properly

Draperies have an amazing affect on the décor of any room. Draperies can instantly turn a room from plain and ordinary to attractive and stylish. The impact that draperies have on the décor of a room is dependent on the choice of impressive colors, striking textures, notable patterns and remarkable details. These draperies when hung in an appropriate manner can create the illusion of height in any room, widen a window visually and add a touch of elegance to any room. To make all these happen is not really very tough. By following a few simple steps you can make your draperies work towards creating the above illusions in your room. Let us take a look at the steps necessary to achieve this act.

Hanging the drapes properly requires exact measurements for the purpose. So, the first step in the process of hanging the drapes is to take precise measurements of the size of the curtain rods and panels. If you want to get a visually appealing look it is advisable to hang your drapery pole on the wall extending above and outside the molding of the window. Get hold of a measuring tape and a pencil to mark the spots where you want to mount the drapery hardware fixtures.

Everyone wants the windows to look grand and also to allow natural light into the room. One of the easy ways to get this done is to add about 4 to 6 inches to the measurement on each side of the window frame. For the panel width the measurements depend on the fabric material used in the draperies. Usually the panel width is two to two and a half times the window width. A lightweight fabric would require more amount of material to display more fullness than a heavy fabric which would require less fabric to showcase the fullness. Heavy fabric usually requires materials about two times the window width. In case you happen to be just framing the window, then materials of about one and a half times the window width would be enough for you.

Adding visual height to a room is quite possible with your draperies. Just add about 4 to 6 inches above the height of the window frame. Or you can simply add half of the length existing between the upper end of the window frame and the ceiling. For the height of the panels, measure from the spot where you want to hang the drapery pole to the floor. Add an extra inch or two for the hem. Make sure that you consider the length of the rings in case you are planning to use them. Again, curtain rings having pins or hooks will have different height than curtain rings with eye. If you plan to use curtains with eyelets then increase the length of the panels while for curtains with rings having pins or hooks decrease the height accordingly. For a standard classic look the drapery must reach the floor leaving just half an inch. In case you want a casual look let the drapes reach the floor and beyond for 2 to 3 inches. For a formal or romantic look let your drapes puddle on the floor for 4 to 6 inches. But in case of café curtains for the kitchen keep the height till the window sill or just 2 inches below it and the height should be up to the curtain rod position. With these measurements it will be a simple task for you to proceed accurately and install the drapery hardware according to the instructions given.

Summary: Draperies can add to the beauty of any room. But that can only happen when they are hanged in an appropriate manner. Proper measurement of height and width of the window frame is essential for the draperies to hang beautifully.

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