How To Have Beautiful Long Hair This Summer

If you look back – way back – to the beginning of the last century, practically every woman in the UK had long hair. That’s why hairdressers are known as hairdressers and not hair-cutters. It wasn’t until the flapper came along in the 1920s that women really started getting haircuts.

How To Have Beautiful Long Hair This Summer

And in the last decade, a lot of hairdressers are starting to wonder if those times have come again. If you walk around town, you’ll see the majority of young women have long hair. But usually if you see long hair, it is either in a ponytail or a bun, and most Gloucester hairdressers will tell you that’s a shame.

A Mark of Femininity and Beauty

Long hair is a sign of youth and good health. Many men (but not all) claim they find it more attractive than short hair. But we all know that you have to get it right. That’s why it’s important to have your hair trimmed regularly.

Caring for Long Hair

Having long hair is famously difficult. Some people will tell you the washing and styling isn’t the important bit. Hair grows at about one centimetre per month, and the ends of your long hair are at least six years old. That’s a lot of washing, drying and styling. That’s why it’s important to visit a salon such as headkandyhairdressing a Gloucester based hairdressers salon regularly. They know how to cut and trim long hair to keep it healthy and beautiful without losing length.

There are also lots of good products that you need to keep handy with long hair. Heat protecting spray is the obvious one, but there is also a range of weekly masks and intensive conditioners you should talk to your hairdresser about. They can show you how to wash and dry your hair gently to avoid tearing the strands and causing fizz and how to swap your up-styles to keep your hair looking fresh during the week.

But most importantly, a good cut and style can make your long hair much more beautiful and easier to style than if you simply leave it to grow one length. And isn’t having beautiful hair the reason you grew it long in the first place? It doesn’t take much time to have your hair done regularly, and it’s worth it.

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