How To Have Your Designer Kitchen On A Budget

If you ever have thought about having a designer kitchen that is similar to those of celebrities, you do not need to spend a fortune. Individuals and families who are on a budget may create their dream kitchens a fraction of the price that the rich and famous pay for a beautiful room. Be sure to post photos of your kitchen on your Twitter or other social media pages when you are done with outfitting it the way that you like.

Focus on Your Tile Design

There are numerous little touches that can make your kitchen look truly spectacular. If you continue the tile design from your back splash onto your wall, you can have a great textured look for an average of only $10 per square foot of tile. Speaking of the back splash, this is where you can have style for very little money. A laminate with a stainless steel finish gives that metal look without the high cost. If you want a more classic style, whiteboard and chalkboard paints are available in a variety of colors.

Maximize Storage Spaces

Transform your storage space with open shelves of pine or another classic, beautiful wood. If you add iron or wooden brackets, and paint the shelves and brackets the same color, this will have a great designer appeal. This will also help with keeping your kitchen relatively uncluttered, if you keep most of your kitchen items in one spot. Visit for tips on emergency food supplies.

Good Lighting is the Key

Lighting is everything in the kitchen, since it is your workplace, where you can create culinary masterpieces. That is why it is crucial to have strategically placed lights that exhibit flair and style, as well. Pendant lighting is ideal for this, as you can purchase them in different styles and materials, from classic vintage lanterns to miniature chandeliers. Make sure to place at least one over your island, and one over your counter space and sink area.

Remember, a little can go a long way when it comes to design. Carefully chosen color schemes, lighting, fixtures, furniture, flooring, and accents for the back splash and elsewhere, can truly transform your kitchen from mediocre to chic. Set a budget before you begin adding to your kitchen or remodeling it, and look for the best bargains available to you.

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