How To Help Your Pets Cool During Hot Summer Days In Australia?

Hot Australian summers are a challenge not only for the human population, but also for their pets. While we can turn on the air conditioning and pour our drinks into ice-filled glasses, there is little our pets can do – especially if you’re not inclined to risk their health with the use of AC systems. Here’s what to consider in order to help house pets cool down:

Natural Room Cooling Methods

You don’t have to deal with dusty air filters and all the risks that come with AC units. Instead, cool a room naturally, using a large bowl filled with water and ice cubes. Place a fan right next to it. The air current will distribute the coolness throughout the room, without putting your pet at risk.

How To Help Your Pets Cool During Hot Summer Days In Australia?

Buy a Cooling Dog/Cat Bed

Pet bedding is now available in highly advanced versions. If you do a short online search for dog beds Melbourne pet stores, you will find the cooling and heated options, too. Cooling beds are made of layered materials that help reduce temperatures during the hot months. If your pet is uncomfortable in summer or has developed heat related disorders, it will greatly benefit of such bedding. Usually, it comes in the form of a mattress, so you can apply it to an existing dog bed, as long as you select the right size. You may use it as a stand-alone object, too. The price will also depend on dimensions. These items are sold under various names, such as cooling pet pads or bed inserts, and contain a cooling gel inside. It won’t require refrigeration in order to work.

Let them Roam Outside

This might go against your intuition, but leaving your pet roam freely on your property (provided you have a yard) is a good option actually, even when it’s awfully hot outside and you’d rather lock them inside. This is because the outdoors are better than a poorly ventilated home. Stagnant air can be far worse for a pet. Besides, while they’re out, they can find a cool spot, such as a green grassy patch on the ground. However, do this only if there’s a shady place where pets can lay down.

Reschedule Exercises

You may have a daily schedule of pet exercising and that’s not bad – only that you should consider rescheduling when the days get too hot. For example, take your pets out for a walk or run in the morning or evening. You’ll get them too exhausted if you opt for the hotter hours. If you’re close to the beach, you can take your dog for an early swim if you wish.

Freezing Plastic Water Bottles

This method will not only help you stay cool, but also your furry pets. Fill a bottle with water and place it in the freezer until it’s cold enough, then give it to your pet. Dogs love to play with plastic bottles. Often they even choose to sit right next to the bottle to cool off.

Last but not least, do not forget that a thick fur keeps the heat in. Therefore, you should consider giving your pet a hair cut for the summer, to allow their skin to breathe easier and regulate the body temperature more effectively.

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