How To Host A Stylish Winter Garden Party

The garden party is a summer staple around the world.  You know how it works, the sun is out, the temperature is hot, and you receive an invite to a friends’ house for an afternoon or evening of decadence and fun. For some, a garden party might be the height of luxury, with scones, cream cakes, and teas to create a traditional, high-class affair. Others might prefer something more ‘down to Earth,’ such as a barbecue, and probably wouldn’t dream of even putting the ‘garden party’ tag on such an event.

Our question is; why do such events never happen in the winter? Of course, the typical answers will revolve around it being cold, but surely, there are ways around that? We looked at how you can put together a stylish winter garden party and replicate the great days of summer.

Outdoor Heating

Outdoor heaters are available everywhere. Stores around the world seem to be putting the opportunity for winter garden parties on a plate for us, yet we just aren’t taking them up on the offer.

A free-standing heater or two is often all you need to keep guests warm, especially if you wait until a mild winter evening to invite guests over.

If you have decking in your garden, you might even be able to be extra-flash and have heaters fitted beneath them.

Fireworks Displays

One of the key components of getting people outside in winter is keeping them entertained, giving them a reason to be there. With winter giving us darker afternoons and evenings, this provides the perfect opportunity to hold a fireworks display from the comfort of your own garden.

Even if it isn’t someone’s birthday or wedding anniversary, fireworks are always a fun way to create a talking point and add excitement to a gathering of friends or family members.

Warming Drinks

A key staple of the summer garden party is the fridge stocked full of cold ones to keep guests cool in the heat. As tempting as it may be to get the beers in (you still can do in case you have any ‘hard-core’ guests), you should really be looking at warmer drinks so that your garden gathering doesn’t turn into everyone sitting around the TV indoors.

There are loads of warm cocktails you can make, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, to give guests a wide choice.

A winter garden party can be a brilliant twist on traditional summer gatherings, think about how you can make yours stylish and memorable, and then make them a staple in your home for years to come.

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