How To Improve Your PPC Conversion Rate

PPC stands for Pay per Click (though you may know it better as Cost per Click. If you are reading this, we’re assuming that you already know enough about PPC to understand why it’s so important. You may also have decided to start employing this method of advertising online. But, and this does happen, what if you feel, that things aren’t really working out as you planned. And then, you’ll think, what if all your work isn’t paying off?

Don’t fret. We all make mistakes- especially in the beginning, when we are new to things. Following are some basic tips to get you started with PPC and its conversion rate.

These may not be the same, or as many as others may give. But we think that you should know the bare basics at least, and that’s what we shall focus on.

To Test Or Not To Test:
Test your adverts- but not for the sake of testing. Set goals you want to achieve- and work accordingly. While you’re at it, take note: What was your message (as you intended it to be). What was the final product? Was it everything you hoped? Where did it fall short?

Your Flight Has Landed
Test buttons: “Buy Now.” “CLICK ME!” “Pick Me!”. How big are they? What’s the perfect shape, the perfect color? Where are they placed? Should they be placed there? What’s everyone else doing? Is it working (for them, that is)? And finally, where are you going wrong?

A quick survey should help clear these issues. And you don’t even need to bother with questionnaires for this one, so don’t worry. All you need to do is look over your competitors. Or sites you like, if you prefer. You never know how or when you’ll find inspiration- or the solution to your problem, however you choose to see it. Oh, and test your headings because, if they are misleading, or placed incorrectly, well that is not good my friend, not at all. Speaking of friends, ask them to test the site out with you/ for you. It helps, we promise.

Improve Your Advertisements
Keep improving your ads. This is something that only time and experience can teach you, but it is a lesson to be learnt none the less. Give people a reason to come, buy, and then return- again and again. A feature benefit matrix might help here- see which messages really appeal to you.

Help Them Out Or In!
Help your subscribers (potential subscribers) sign up for your services or your site by tweaking your sign up forms. Reduce the required fields, keep them simple and lively- nothing too complicated. When all else fails- tweak the color combo. You’d be surprised by the effect different colors have on people.

From The Ashes
Do not succumb to giving up. One bad test a future as the next Zuckerburg does not ruin. (We think that made sense, but if it didn’t what we mean is try, try again. And keep at it.)

PPC conversion rates can be improved with just some little tips and tricks, giving you effective PPC management. Scott Heron is an expert with experience in PPC, SEO and online marketing in general. Contact Scott over his email to know more about PPC improvements or visit his website Scott Heron Dot Me.

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