How To Instantly Transform Your Stag Do From Good To Great!

Know what you really want to accomplish (and possibly why.)
Its a simple sounding statement that isn’t actually easy to accomplish, but it will give your party that extra spark. Everyone has vague or even very specific ideas about their parties, which range from drinking games to go-karting, shooting, and cowboy experiences. Focusing on the activities, however, can sometimes leave you feeling like you haven’t quite had the experience that you want, or equally can leave others in the party lacking. The activities you plan for your stag do (or the one you’re helping to organise) are important, but they also need to be fit for purpose.

Examples relevant to the groom include whether they want to spend more time with “everyone they know” or whether they want to spend the majority or all of the time with a few close friends. Is it important to them to do something they think they won’t be allowed to do after marriage? Do they need to try something new? Push a boundary that’s bothering them? Is there a desire to reconnect with more distant friends, or do they want to spend the most time within their current inner circle? Will there be gender division for some, all, or none of the party time? The grooms preferences aren’t the only ones in play, however. The Best Man also has a lot of say over the show, and his goals are important too. He might want to recreate memories, or to do specific things which he thinks the groom ought to experience (for the first time, or again) before marriage takes hold. He also may have desires regarding how much time is spent with closer friends or with a general group, and may have strong preferences regarding gender splitting or inclusion.

He shouldn’t override the groom’s strong preferences, but his own can’t be ignored, nor can his own goals.

Finally, everyone who is coming or might come will have a goal or a reason for it, and to a certain extent they need to be made happy as well. There is a natural social obligation, especially amongst closer friends, to just show up and ‘do what’s expected.‘ The trick that will move you from a good fun set of memories into a great stag do is to not only fulfill all of the groom’s and best man’s needs, but to meet those of the general party as well. Think about how different groups of friends interact, and who will want more potential bonding time with the groom. Consider the financial impact, especially when weighed up against how close they are to the groom. More distant friends are much more likely to be up for a bar crawl than a week long holiday. Their general interests and abilities also needs to be balanced, many people aren’t going to enjoy looking stupid, and its worse if “everyone else” is good at an activity and they aren’t. Don’t give them a reason to want to avoid the party.

It is work balancing all of this, and it certainly requires a level of introspection and communication, but it will absolutely bring the extra zap to your day, night, or week!

Stephani writes on behalf of that is recognised in events organising and planning and tailored stag do activities ideas. In her spare time, she spends it outdoors, in the pub, watching premier league football, or with Border Collies.

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