How to Keep Clean Natural Cork Floor

Recently cork flooring has come into vogue gaining wide popularity due to its “green” origin, tactile properties and excellent insulation. Besides, this material is virtually immune to stains, naturally anti-microbial and anti-static and doesn’t cause air-quality problems. You can install cork flooring effectively in both your kitchen and bedroom. It requires low maintenance if the floor is properly sealed, though the most important problem of cork is its softness, ability to get scratched and damaged easily. With rather high cost cork flooring requires regular refinishing.

To maintain a natural cork floor clean is a rather simple task. See here how to clean and keep your cork flooring spotless.

  • Vacuum or sweep the cork floor weekly to remove dirt and debris that wear down the surface seal, leave streaks and scratches.
  • Wipe up spills immediately to avoid their slipping past the sealant and into cracks between the planks or tiles.
  • Place mats made of breathable materials at the entrance to protect your floor of tiny debris particles and also in wet areas or near a sink to catch splatters and spills. Don’t use rubber and other watertight mats that trap moisture beneath them and ruin the cork underneath.
  • Follow a no-shoe policy.
  • Protect the floor with furniture pads on the bottoms of heavy furniture.
  • Don’t allow liquids to stay on the surface of the floor. Watch out for overfilling plants that may leak onto the floor and immediately wipe up spills and messes.
  • Clip your pet’s claws regularly.
  • Regular direct sunlight portions fade out sections of cork flooring. Use blinds or curtains.
  • Clean your cork floor once a month with dry or damp mop. Never immerse the surface of the floor in water. Clean your floor either with a pH-balanced wood or cork cleaning agent diluted in water or with a natural solution of four parts vinegar to one part water.
  • Never use ammonia-based or harsh abrasive chemical cleaners.
  • Always make sure that you wring mop out before applying it to the surface of the floor.
  • After damp mopping, air-dry the floor using dry towel or cloth to soak up excess moisture.
  • Avoid popular household cleaning agents such as orange glow or Swiffer mops not to leave streaks behind.
  • Waxing cork floor creates a thick protective layer and also gives a shimmering, shining appeal to cork flooring. Re-apply wax every 6 -12 months.


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