How To Live A Full And Interesting Life After Retirement

So many of us long for the day we retire. After working full time for forty plus years the idea of all our time being our own sounds bliss. Often this is not the reality as many of us find once we have retired our life lacks meaning and reason. This can leave us feeling lost and sometimes unhappy. This doesn’t have to be the case though, making some simple plans and setting goals can ensure we keep active and keep our brains ticking over.

Work Part Time
Just because you have retired doesn’t mean you never have to work again. A lot of us will find we miss work. Why not set up your own business. This way you can work part time hours, choose your own hours, and be your own boss. There may be something you enjoyed as a hobby previously which you could turn into a small business to bring you in a little income and give you a feeling of purpose and achievement. It doesn’t take much to set up a business, just a little money and a few clients are enough to get you started.

Set Some Goals
Is there anything you wanted to take up or achieve previously but never had the time due to work and family commitments? Now is the time to revisit this to ensure you achieve what you planned to when you were younger. It may be something as simple as learning to play an instrument, but it is something to work towards and keeps you focused.

Spend Time With Your Family
A typical busy working life leaves little time for family, usually nowhere near as much time as we would like. Now is the time to take advantage of spare time, if you have grandchildren offer to help out by babysitting or helping with day trips. If you can afford to take that family holiday you never had time for when you were younger.

Plan For The Future
It may feel a little bit like your active and interesting life has come to an end, and now it’s time to take it easy and do as little as possible. If you were a busy active person during your working life, it will probably feel very unnatural to you do spend a lot of time sitting around. There may come a time when you can no longer live in your own home, so use this spare time wisely and prepare for your later years in life. You may want to look into housing for older people, there are plenty of options when it comes to finding somewhere to live that suits your life style better.

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Eilidh MacRae is writing on behalf of Abbeyfield and would reccomend them for housing for the elderly.

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