How To Make Great Holiday Memories With Your Family

When many people think about their childhood, some of the first memories that come to mind are often about the holidays. Of course, not everyone is so lucky to have great holiday memories with their families. No matter what your past experiences were, all you want to do is make great holiday memories for your children, so that one day they’ll look back and think of them fondly.

If you really want to make some lasting memories with your family this holiday season, there are endless ways to do it. Just get creative and thoughtful, and most of all, show your family how much you love them. Here are some ideas that can help get you started.

Record Everything
Memories of events are great. Being able to see pictures or videos of that event is even better. Visual aids can help jog our memories, and it’s so much fun to look back at happy times and have the ability to relive them at anytime. And so, an important part of making great holiday memories with your family is recording them. Take lots of pictures, take video, and preserve the holidays for years to come. While you’re recording, however, don’t get too caught up in it so that you become just an observer. Remember to take an active part in the events and enjoy the moments. You can record the memories, but you can never have those moments back.

Consider the Scents
The sense that is most connected to our memories is smell. Smelling something familiar can bring back memories even better than seeing a picture or hearing a story. While you’re doing holiday activities with your family, think about the smells. Pick a special scent of potpourri or candles, for example, and use it every year. Or, each year bake a special type of cookie or cake together as a family. Those really great smells will become associated with great memories.

Remember the Season
What’s the “reason for the season?” For most people, family is one of, if not the, most important reason for the season. It’s also a time of giving, joy, and love. When you’re creating memories with your family, never forget those important qualities. Everything you do should have a joyous or generous spirit behind it, and you should remain positive and upbeat no matter what. As your kids get older, they will remember that holiday spirit very well.

Be Unique
Tradition, which means repetition, is crucial for holiday memory-making. There are lots of traditions that people have during the holiday season, and your job is to create some new, unique traditions with your family. Whatever you do together that’s special will stand out in your family members’ minds. Take a trip to a local park that’s lit up with lights, for example, or just make it a point to always watch the family’s favorite holiday movie together. Create holiday crafts, volunteer at a local nonprofit organization, go caroling, or play a Scrabble marathon. As long as you’re all together and having fun, that is what will make great memories.

Garrett Payne is a mechanical engineer with a love for writing.  He enjoys spending time with his wife and adorable daughter doing fun family activities together.

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