How To Make Money From Your Writing Skills

If you have been told countless times that you have unbelievable writing skills then why not make some good money doing it? Essay, assignment and business report writing is hard for many people and they’ll be more than glad to find someone to lay the burden on and to pay for it. While some people might be too lazy to write their own essay by themselves, others might just be too busy or overwhelmed with so much  work that they need a helping hand.

Where To Start?

First you need to show people that you’re available for writing projects. Place adverts in local newspapers, share fliers, announce on social network pages that you’re available for any writing assignment. You can also make use of free advert listing sites and get clients from far and near. Once you’ve done this then you need to back it up by displaying samples of essays, reports and assignments you’ve done before. This will prove your expertise and make people quickly make up their mind about hiring you.

How To Make Cash

To make money from writing you need to explore both offline and online opportunities. There are probably lots of people who are looking for someone who can write well whether they want to use them as a tutorial to learn writing skills or if they want research done on a particular area. Approach them and make use of the opportunity to earn yourself some good cash. Once you do well with one person the message will soon spread round about your golden pen. You should also look out for opportunities online. Overseas clients are plentiful and can provide you with a steady stream of income that can be just like a full time job.


Treat clients like you’re a professional. To do this first you need to have a price list. Don’t just lay unreasonable or outrageous prices on your client because once they find an alternative they won’t come your way anymore. If your client orders for plenty work give them some discounts to compensate for the volume. However, you could increase the price for clients who want a job done quickly, and this can also feature in the pricing list. Apart from the pricing you also need to respect the time. Most clients will give you a specific time for you to have their essay ready. If you can’t deliver at that time because of other jobs let them know before collecting the assignment. Late delivery may lead to loss of brownie points and you would have disappointed them after relying they relied on your services.


You may need to have extra hands in case you get an overflow of clients. The fact is if you’re good you’ll soon have too much work for you to handle on your own. So recruit one or two people who have skills equal to your own so you can divert some of your overflow of work to them. Gradually you can build a team of writers that is reliable and can take on any amount of work no matter how much it is. If you have the resources you can start a blog or website to help promote your writing services. This way you can get even more jobs and turn your writing abilities into some serious cash.

Tips To Remember

Remember to focus on topics and themes that you’re familiar with or else be very thorough in your research methods. Proofread your essays, write up to the required amount of words and ensure you know every type of writing style to be able to satisfy the needs of every type of customer.

Gareth McBurney is a freelance writer. He specialises in business report writing and he finds himself in high demand as many business owners don’t have the time to do their own research.

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