How To Make The Most Of Your Home Through Redecoration On A Budget

The New Year can bring a cauldron of emotions and thought’s in people’s minds. There are those who despise the crowds, those who merrily slur Auld Lang Syne and those who sit back and wonder where the last year went! No matter what your stance on the conventions of the new year, the question everyone will be pondering is…

‘What will 2013 mean to me?’

…and whilst you may have to wait on that new job, that new trend, the opportunity to meet that new special person, the one thing that can kick start your new, exciting outlook can start right now; in your own home.

As the cliché suggests, home is undoubtedly where the heart is and nothing invigorates the mind more than a change of scenery. There are quite literally hundreds of styles out there to give a room that extra zest and spice. Whether it’s a new coat of paint, a designer finish, or even just moving the furniture around, a redecoration can do wonders for your home without shattering the porcelain piggy!
Rooms represent us; their appearance arguably just as important as their function. So how can you breathe a new lease of life into your home?

Don’t be Closed in by Your Walls.

A wall is to the homeowner is what canvas is to a painter. No matter what colour or wallpaper had clung to it before, there really are no limitations to your creativity. Explore colour schemes that work well together and you feel catch the mood of the room. These don’t have to be restricted to just two colours either, as different shades of colours work just as well combined. If the room is quite large, a feature wall can do wonders for creating a central contemporary perspective whilst portraying a level of sophistication.
If wallpaper and patterns are more your style, then be sure to check out the thousands of printed designs out there – from edgy stripes to stand out graphics or vintage motif’s – that once dull and characterless room can become the topic on everybody’s lips.
If your bathroom is the cause for concern, then experiment with stone, porcelain and ceramics tiles to create the tranquil and contemporary escape. Similarly, with flooring, a modern yet traditional look can be achieved by smooth, stone effect tiling or a slick, interlocking wood laminate. Enhance this further with the delicate introduction of a charismatic rug – it doesn’t have to be expensive – in tune with the look you’re going for.

Cheap Doesn’t Have to Look Cheap.

Years ago, you probably wouldn’t have even considered a charity shop, but for furniture and those ‘little finishing touches’, they can be a treasure-trove – chairs, sofas, lampshades, drawers, cabinets and tables can all be found for unimaginably cheap prices.
A good lick of paint, a re-jig and a dab of elbow grease can turn furniture from unwanted debris to a gleaming new focal point, bringing character and charm to any living, dining or bedroom area. Whether it slides seamlessly into the room or grabs all the attention, it will be nothing to the sense of satisfaction you feel after crafting its regeneration with your own two hands.
Whilst in the DIY mood, it’s time to remedy the little things that may have been dampening the appearance of the room for some time. Mend that chest of drawers, paint over that scratch, organise those shelves. You will instantly beam with pride and self-satisfaction as your home begins to flourish.

Life is as Exciting as the Things that Surround Us

However you spend your New Year, there is no better and easier way to begin to make those first crucial changes. The beauty of life is that it is in our hands, we can make with it what whatever we want. The home is a more powerful tool than you may think so take control of how it makes you feel and propel yourself into 2013, knowing that whatever happens, you will be happy to open that front door.

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This post was written by Phil Warrington for Trade Price Tiles; a company specialising in the supply of a quality range of wall, floor and stone tiles in a variety of styles, effects and finishes.

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