How To Make Your Own Decorative Throw Pillows

Are you interested in customizing your personal space? If so, then one very easy and fun way you can update any area is by introducing throw pillows into the décor. Throw pillows can be used to add personality to everything from a sofa to a day bed, and they don’t have to cost a fortune, especially if you make them yourself. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a professional decorator or seamstress to create your own custom throw pillow collection. Here are some pointers for how to make your own decorative throw pillows:

Choose your filler. What you decide to stuff your pillows with will depend on what size you want your pillows to be, what you want your pillows to feel like, and how much work you’re willing (and able) to put into stuffing your pillows. Take inventory of all of these things and then consider your options: Pre-fabricated pillows (specifically made to be covered by crafters like yourself), fabric scraps, batting, down feathers, and cotton stuffing can all make great throw pillow fillers. Experiment with any or all of these to find what works best for your project.

Choose a fabric. This is where you can be very creative. A very simple throw pillow can be made by simply folding a fabric over on itself (right side in) and sewing three sides together to make a pocket. But you’re not limited to only one fabric . . . or to fabric, in general! Beautiful custom throw pillows can be made out of anything from ribbon to cross stitch panels. Of course, the more complex your design, the more skill it will take to sew it together; fortunately, throw pillow covers are simple to construct, regardless of the design. Again, experiment until you get the results you like.

Install a closure. As previously mentioned, you can create a simple throw pillow by sewing three sides of two fabric panels together. After filling the pillow cover with the stuffing of your choosing, you’re left with one side that needs to be closed. The simplest thing to do is to sew the remaining opening together by hand. However, if you want to create a throw pillow cover that can be removed and tossed in the washer, or if you just want to add a decorative element to your throw pillow, you can secure the open end using anything from zippers to buttons.

Once you’ve followed all of these steps, you should have your own custom throw pillow. Creating decorative throw pillows is so simple and easy that you can have your own collection ready to use in a very short period of time, so dive in and have fun with it!

About the Author: Ewa Draleau loves to decorate and make her own pillows, blankets, and accessories. She just purchased a modern bedroom set at and made her own comforter and sham set, too!

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