How To Organise A Stag Do Somewhere You’ve Never Been

The stag-do is an important milestone is any man’s life: it represents his last moments of wild freedom and unhindered irresponsibility before he makes the transition into married life. Given the gravity of the event then, it is paramount that those in charge of organising the stag-do get every little detail right. Organising a stag-do in a place foreign to you has historically posed many problems that a little research could have prevented. Below are listed some of the main stumbling blocks that make a stag-do memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Beware of foreign laws
That’s right, laws change according to which country you are in. Did you know that in Dubai you can face jail time for drinking alcohol in the street? Oversights such as these can quickly sour a stag-do and undo all the hard work put in to make it happen. The best thing to do is research your chosen city and country in a lot of depth, including scouring forums for any tales from those who have visited already.

The earlier, the better
There’s nothing worse than booking flights or taking time off work, only to realise the hotels at your destination are fully booked. Stag-do organisers are recommended to start planning at least 2 months in advance to ensure accommodation and flights can all be booked. Keep in mind that if your stag-do is to happen during the peak tourism season, it would be wise to get everything booked up to 4-5 months in advance.

Is just before the wedding a good idea?
It was once popular tradition to hold a stag-do days or even the night before the wedding itself; nowadays, given the weary aftermath of such a jolly occasion, it is not such a good idea. The groom will certainly not be looking his best carrying bruises from a paintballing weekend, nor will the bride appreciate one of his eyebrows missing thanks to his prankster buddies. A couple of weeks before the wedding is the smallest gap you should afford, allowing the husband-to-be ample time to recover from his stag-do both mentally and physically.

Keep an organised itinerary
Given the momentous occasion there will surely be a lot of things to do, and it all has to be packed into one short space of time. The key to a successful stag getaway is meticulous organisation: it’s no good spending hours of your precious time looking for transport or directions around, or all debating about the best place to go. Having your weekend plans strictly laid out is especially important for foreign stag-do’s given the ease at which you can get lost in a strange city. Following the tips below can also ensure the stag-do progresses smoothly without a hitch:
– Plan in advance how you will travel
– Be equipped with maps/directions
– Try to pre-book tickets/events to avoid disappointment
– Inform the entire party of your plans in detail to prevent any mishaps

Go easy on the poor man
Men up and down the country await a friend’s stag-do with profound excitement simply as it gifts them a free ticket to do whatever they want to him. Though it’s all good and fair fun, there are cases where pranks have been taken too far and stag parties have run afoul of the law: foreign police forces are understandably not fond of discovering a naked man tied to a tree in the centre of their city. Keeping the traditional stag wind-up clean is advisable, not least for the well-being of the stag himself but for the whole party too.

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