How To Overcome A Creative Crisis

No matter if you deal with high art or with practical creative design, any type of artist will sometime reach a point in which he or she are faced with a creative crisis. This is something that occasionally happens, even for mature and successful creators and it is always uncomfortable, some may even say scary. I’ve been a professional jeweler for many years and I still suffer from the occasional creative block. In my opinion, the secret is not in learning how to avoid such occasional hiccups, but in learning how to accept and overcome them.

Facing the Creative Crisis
The first thing to do is to take a deep breath and relax. When you experience a creative crisis, when it feels that the well is dry and you’ve run out of ideas, it can feel scary, especially for younger artists. Some creative people may feel so stressed that they convince themselves they have lost their muse forever. This may create a destructive loop – you think you’ve run out of inspiration and the ensuing stress makes it difficult for you to actually feel inspired again. Learn to accept this as a natural phenomenon; the honest truth is that inspiration normally comes from hard work and a lot of research. If you’ve run out of ideas, take some time to learn and research, this always works for me.

Taking Some Time Off
If you are as addicted to your work as I am, taking time off may sound like a nightmare, but when you face an actual creative crisis, sometimes you need to force yourself. Getting a few days breather may help you to see things differently when you get back to work on that piece of jewelry you want to design, the book you want to write of the building you need to plan.

Looking for Ideas in Unexpected Places
When you take some time off you may be amazed to discover that the best ideas will sometime come to you in the most unexpected way when you spend time with your family and friends or even when you take a simple stroll through the park. Learn to open your eyes and ears to hunt for new creative inspiration. It may be a tune that you hear from a passing bye car, the shape of a tree that you see when you walk down the street, or a hilarious bit of conversation you overhear in a coffee shop. Day to day life can sometime give you all the inspiration you will ever need, the trick is in training your eyes to see it when it’s right in front of you.

Doron Heifetz is a professional jeweler, creative arts writer and the owner of a Carrie name necklace jewelry website

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