How To Pest Proof Your Home For Autumn

The transition from summer to autumn is a very dynamic period for insects. The supply of food is depleted as summer ends, pushing them to go back outside and look for food. Here are some suggestions on how you can prevent pests from permanently staying in your home.

How To Pest Proof Your Home For Autumn

  1. Prevent your home from becoming a breeding ground of pests

Doing extra steps to prevent pests from entering the home is easier than eliminating a full-blown infestation. Garbage cans should not be located next to your home. Garbage and decaying food attract pests like cockroaches.

  1. Install self-closing doors

If your doors are being constantly opened by children and pets going in and out, using self-closing doors is advisable. This will help prevent pests from entering the house all year round.

  1. Seal your pipes

Gaps in gas or water pipes can also serve as entry point for pests. Even though some installers take note of this during installation, many usually cut corners and don’t seal around the edges. Fill small gaps or cracks with caulk or pipe sealants. Larger gaps can be fixed with polyurethane foam.

  1. Inspect your screens

Window and door screens should be inspected from the inside and outside. Signs of damage such as holes and snags can be fixed with simple kits that are available in hardware stores. Gaps and holes in the casement can be filled with caulk. Not only will this prevent pests from entering your home, it will also help cut down energy expenses for heating.

Remember that holes big enough to fit a pencil can serve as entrance for small mice and insects.

  1. Cover big openings

Big holes such as chimneys or roof vents can’t be sealed off completely. As such, cover them with fine metal mesh or hardwire cloth.

Get the Help of a Professional Pest Company

Pest control professionals will apply either liquid or granular pesticide around your home.

Granular pesticides are effective against foraging pests since they have a time release option. Foraging pests take the granules back to their colonies. On the other hand, liquid pesticides can only kill upon contact. They can kill foragers, but not the entire colony. It is highly recommended to use both types of pesticides.

A professional will also be able to make a thorough inspection of your home. With their trained eye, you are guaranteed that you will not miss any minor detail. This way, you can repair whatever needs to be fixed before the damage comes to worst.

Written by BugOut Pest Control & Lawn Care. BugOut Pest Control & Lawn Care offers the best service for pest control in Columbia, MO.